Learning Dark Arts

Come learn the art of 3D computer generated art and animation. This blog deals with the lessons learned and the art created by Robert G. Male using DazStudio from Daz3D. Also covered are the ancillary software, tools, techniques, and processes needed both before and after rendering in the 3D software.


Spell casting woman.

R.M.T.P. Co.


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  • ...And Spinning, Always Spinning
  • 2011 Back and Forth
  • 90's New Wave
  • A

  • Additional Work
  • The Adventures of Atramentus™ and Scintellatus™ Part 1
  • Alien Worlds Never Better Represented
  • All of this Free Stuff and Still I Complain
  • Amanda Norman's Gothic Jewellery Box
  • Animation Talk and Dreaming
  • Are You Excitable?
  • An Argument to Change Names, NOT
  • Around and Around We Go
  • The Art Bug
  • The Artist, Not the Skateboarder
  • Attack of the Four Year Old Baby
  • B

  • Back Again Fall 2014
  • Back At It
  • Bait and Switch
  • Behind the Art is the Spirit of Design
  • Bending and Shaping, and the Future
  • Better Late Than Never
  • Better Orbs and Barns
  • Bringing Stability and Safer Rendering
  • Book Cover #2, But First...
  • Bread of Our Lives
  • The Bug!
  • Building Books for my Bookshelves
  • By No Other Fix Would Look As Sweet
  • C

  • Catching Up
  • Caught Now in Two Minds
  • Chaos and Rifts Abound
  • A Cheat I'm Looking to Try
  • Civic 2012
  • Computer Requirements for Daz
  • Connecting Light with What Casts It
  • Control Your Revisions
  • Counterintuitive
  • Covers From Back to Front
  • Creating Dark Magic
  • The Creeping
  • Crystal Clear
  • Cubists Didn't Have to Deal with This
  • D

  • Dark Lights
  • Dark Reflections in Text
  • Dark Visions to Come
  • Daz March Madness 2014 is Madness
  • The Decade Cusp in Dark Art
  • The Deformative Years - Part 1
  • The Deformative Years - Part 2
  • Denied at the Shadow Realm Port Authority
  • Depth, Dimension, and Waxy Goodness
  • Details of Re-installation
  • Devil Women and Boogeymen
  • Do I Look Fat in This
  • Don't Put a Mark on the Wall
  • Dragon Clutch
  • Dynamic Draping Dud
  • E

  • Easily Gone Wrong Figure Morphs
  • Elements -- Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Joy
  • Enquiring Minds Want to Know
  • Evoking a Horror Movie Series
  • The Eyes Have It
  • Eyes Not the Camera
  • F

  • Failure, Misfire, No More Delight in 3Delight
  • Fake Ghosts
  • Feeling Stupid
  • First Daz Studio 4.0 Thoughts
  • Focus and Moving Lessons
  • Follow Up and Brainfire
  • Forget March... Platinum Madness
  • G

  • The Ghost In the Render Engine
  • Ghost Picture in My Gallery
  • Ghostly Layers and Deficiencies
  • Ghosts Manual
  • Girls, Girls, Creepy Tower
  • Grave Photos with Amanda Norman
  • Guest Art Bloggers Wanted
  • H

  • Happy August Holiday Monday
  • Happy Hallowe'en 2011!
  • Happy Hallowe'en 2012!
  • Happy Hallowe'en 2013
  • Happy Halloween my Horrifying Haunters
  • Happy Labour Day 2009
  • Happy Labour Day 2010
  • Happy New Year Artzone!
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! (2008)
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2009
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2010
  • Happy Thanksgiving 2012!
  • Happy Valentine's Day 2011!
  • Happy Valentine's Day 2014!
  • Happy Year End Post 2012
  • Hasan Chop and Akira-Lines
  • Haunted Triple Play
  • Help! Save Me From Cluelessness
  • Help: Carrara 3D Express
  • High Mark Water Mark
  • Hopped Away
  • Horrible Fresh Starts
  • Humans 1 Machine Intelligence 0
  • The Hurly-Burly Man
  • I

  • I Am the Earth and Sky
  • I Can Hardly Find an Upside Here
  • I Don't See the Light
  • I Get A Helping Hand
  • I have Shadows! - Render Complete
  • I Want my Mumah
  • I Was Out Sick Last Week
  • If Life Gives You Blurs Make Blurenade
  • If You Find My Brain, Please Mail it to...
  • The Image of Friday
  • Impossible Single Pass Fits
  • In Honour of Last Week
  • In My Last Hour
  • In the Eyes of the Beholder
  • Inserts
  • Inside Perspective and the Transparent Wall
  • It's Alive, Alive!
  • It's All about the Lettering
  • It's Da Shoes
  • It's Full of Lights
  • J


  • The K to the S to the P to the B
  • Keep Them in Stitches
  • L

  • The Law of the Jim of Son...?
  • Lead Her to the Pants!
  • Learning to Focus
  • Learning to See
  • Less Than Skilled... or Not?
  • A Light Fair Different
  • The Light Saga Continues
  • Limited Motion
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • A Little Break 2014
  • A Little Much for Here at Artzone
  • Logo-riffic Site Set Ups
  • Lost in a Fog
  • Lost in the Email
  • Lost Texture Links and Missing Map Pre-Loads
  • Love Me Them Ghostly Ghastlies
  • M

  • A Major Upgrade Step
  • Mapping Along the Line of Sight
  • A Million and One Questions
  • Missing Files
  • Mixing Light Trouble Clear Up
  • Monstrous By Design Part 1
  • Monstrous By Design Part 2
  • More About Computers than Art
  • Motion File Redux
  • Mottled, Stained, Ripped, and Nicked
  • Moving Ahead Going Backward
  • Much to Their Embarrassment
  • My First Book Cover
  • My Pictures and Lighting Issues
  • Mysterious Shadows Cast from Nothing
  • My Stock Art Store for RPGs and Such

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