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Come learn the art of 3D computer generated art and animation. This blog deals with the lessons learned and the art created by Robert G. Male using DazStudio from Daz3D. Also covered are the ancillary software, tools, techniques, and processes needed both before and after rendering in the 3D software.


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March 2, 2007

If You Find My Brain, Please Mail it to...

Well, I created my little video. It is 9 seconds long or thereabouts. It has movement, of course, and it has shadows. What it does not have… after more than forty-one (41) hours of rendering time is enough light to see half of the scene. This means nothing happens for the first four seconds of the animation! Argh! *Bangs head on the keyboard.*

It occurred to me after I had seen what a colossal waste of time I had created that I could have made every minute, all 2490 of them, count if I had the forethought to render still scenes from the animation at different points along the timeline. Still, the four seconds where you can see something going on are pretty AWESOME! If you want to see it, I put it up on YouTube for the viewing pleasure of the entire world. Have a good weekend everybody. My next mean feat of hopefully much less stupidity is to try again, with lights enough to see everything, and more detail. Wish this fool luck.

March 1, 2007

The Powers of Darkness in Light

Anyone who has seen my gallery since yesterday's blog probably knows that I finally rendered a picture with shadows. Yay for me! Boo for me for not getting it sooner. How did I manage it finally? Upon the instructions of a tutorial tangentially related to how to create shadows I ran across the instruction to open the Render settings and change something there. Now I was pretty excited, and I can't go re-check the exact names (tell you about that in a bit) but I switched to the advanced settings tab. There I discovered that the basic setting does not render shadows. So I switched it to the setting called 3Delight (or something like that) as this tutorial suggested.

I saved that settings change and I rendered my new scene with the cube behind Aiko and voila! I got shadows. Too many actually. I had three lights set to cast shadows and I ended up with three sets of shadows overlapping each other on the side of the cube. I picked one light, and after a couple renders and some different positioning I came out with the new picture in my gallery, the name of which I would tell you, but currently Artzone is not responding in my browser. Now, as to why I can't check the settings in Daz3D right now, that is because I'm twenty-four hours into a render of an eight second scene. I don't know how it will turn out and I'm guessing there is another three to five hours yet to go. Cross your fingers folks.

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