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April 6, 2007

Catching Up

I went through the bulletins that I had piling up here at Artzone. There were definitely some standouts with great new pictures. Since I'm feeling lazy and it's a holiday I thought I would do a little shout out to some of these artists and then call it a long weekend. I'll make it like a real long weekend, a four-day long weekend.

I looked at some really nice work from (in no particular order), Forevernyt, Jarrod (DAZ_Biggie), Juan, Julie and zilvergrafix. Keep up the excellent work.

See you.

April 5, 2007

Topless and Fancy Free

Now that I have jeans and I have shoes for Victoria all she needs is something to wear to cover the last of her modesty. For Vicky (a separate model) I have a funny looking, smooth-pile sweater in a funky green colour. Considering it is made for her it takes a bit of tweaking to make it fit. I couldn't particularly get it to fit Victoria without making it look like it was full of hot air and floating around her like some kind of open balloon. In fact it was kind of humorous that way.

In the typical fashion that I attack most problems I started to fiddle with things and see where I got. I have a multiple piece set for Aiko to turn her into a pop idol. I took the top from it and applied it to Victoria. It took some enlarging to make it fit, but for a still pose it's acceptable. However since it is not meant for her and I can't use fit to, and magnetising didn't seem to do anything, then I am stuck manipulating it to make it fit any change in the pose I make. Not a terrible thing, but one bit of oddness appeared. From a side angle the hair I had on my Victoria appeared to be outside of this top as normal, but from the back the hair is inside of the top. How exactly does that work?

April 4, 2007

It's Da Shoes

When I bought the Jeanz I also snagged V4 Sport-Trainer Shoes on sale. They seem like they will be a good solve for the fact that I don't really have any footwear for any of my figures. I suppose that if I had more clothing sets I would probably be able to lift the footwear out of them for other poses. Still I saw what felt to me like a decided lack of options in that arena. There are a couple of packs of shoes/boots/pumps for the more formal situations that I might want to create an image for, but the simple every day there seemed to be lacking.

These Sport-Trainer Shoes have a nice bunch of maps, though I'm not keen on the one with the writing, it seems like that one would be way too limited as to where you might want to use them. It's too much like a signature. While I'm all for recognition for an artist, I'm not sure I want it taken to that level. To me it breaks the sense of things and would pull the viewer out of the picture when they see it and think to themselves I know who did these shoes. As a writer I'm careful of such things and I can only imagine that artists are, and need to be, as persnickety about it.

April 3, 2007

Lead Her to the Pants!

I couldn't resist buying a couple things recently when they were on sale. I must say, to get a sale price and then drop the platinum discount on top of that is tres sweet. I bought two things. I was going to talk about them last week until I didn't talk about anything. The first thing I bought was JeanZ for V4. So that meant the first thing I did upon opening Daz3D again was to slap them on Victoria and start to see what all the dials and alterations do. There are a lot of options for this not so simple pair of blue jeans and that's without hitting the poses.

People who know me personally know that the first thing I did was to see how the JeanZ work with the control for Low Rise. They go pretty low without any tweaking, and lower yet with some tweaking. Of course for this mildly twisted little bit of playing around you have to hide the belt; otherwise the denim bleeds through it and it just looks read bad. Then I found the controls for opening the JeanZ, which is just the thing you need if you want a picture with Victoria in some state of undress, whether that be what she is doing or if instead it's the reverse and she's just putting them on.

April 2, 2007

I Was Out Sick Last Week

Sorry about last week there. I was out sick pretty much all week. It hit me about 3am on Tuesday morning and I was down, and down hard, until the middle of Thursday. Then I had to take a couple more days to get back to something approaching normal. I don't think I've ever been so sick as this, not even the one year I didn't bother to get the flu shot and was down for three days. That time seems tame compared to this nasty little bug.

Yes, I had my shot this year. It's not worth it to miss it. Ever since the first year I got a flu shot it's been nothing but a blessing and makes the winter so much easier. I'd be out sick a day here and there, but this... this was bad. Even when the shot cost you I got it, though I never paid... asthma put you on the list of people they'd rather give it to than have to deal with otherwise. Mind you my asthma is tame compared to most people's cases of it, but who was I to argue. Tomorrow, things (blog) should return to normal. Until then...

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