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September 13, 2010

Dynamic Draping Dud

Correct Draping
Click to Enlarge

I have one shirt that works with the Dynamic Clothing tab in DazStudio. So far it is the only item I have sprung for that uses it. I have eyed that blanket, sheet, tablecloth or whatever it was that was offered prior to the inclusion of the tab in Daz3D. The image above details three renders I made using the draping functionality. A) shows the shirt on the posed figure with nothing done to it. B) shows the shirt once the draping has been applied. It looks great. C) shows the shirt when Michael is wearing pants. It is not such a great job, but shouldn't be hard to fix in postproduction, though it might look as if there is no interaction between shirt and pants. It does not bode well for animation that postproduction work is required despite that the tab offers the option for animation. Still, it is a nice step forward for more realistic renders. It brings hope for the future.

Sometimes though, things go wrong in weird ways for what seems to me to be no reason. Take for instance this bizarre picture to the right that resulted when I previously ran the same dynamic clothes on this same model of Michael with the same shirt and pants. In DazStudio I examined the correct example B) from behind when completed and found it to be as correct as it was viewed from the front. I have no idea what went wrong. I am unsure as to why it is limp and pulling down at the bottom but at the same time trying to climb up his head--almost as if it's a symbiote trying to form a mask to hide his secret identity. To a small degree I cannot help but wonder if the pose has some impact on the draping. The botched draping is on an entirely custom pose whereas the correct ones are on a stock pose. I doubt this is the case though.

Music: Cool The Engines by Boston.
Incorrect Draping Click to Enlarge

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