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Come learn the art of 3D computer generated art and animation. This blog deals with the lessons learned and the art created by Robert G. Male using DazStudio from Daz3D. Also covered are the ancillary software, tools, techniques, and processes needed both before and after rendering in the 3D software.


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July 27, 2009

RPG Art From the Infernal Depths

I want to talk about role-playing game artists again. I'll start with Jeff Russell. because I'm reading Rifts Dimension Book 10: Hades where he illustrated a lot of classic Palladium demons. His art in the books I am going to point out are on his site so please take a look. He has 33 pieces for Hades that are all excellent levels of gruesome and horrific. I especially like the never before seen denizens of Hades such as the "Brek-Shall", "Demon Bat", and especially the "Death Demon". The "Lasae" and "Demon Locust" are growing on me despite my love of the original designs. The "Magot" is very cool but felt like a slight bit of a different direction than earlier artists' renditions. Jeff's Gargoyles are also really cool.

In Rifts Sourcebook 1 Revised Jeff did some classic Rifts creatures. The "Buffalo Rhino" is a dynamic action shot and I really enjoy the pose for the "Thornhead Demon". The "Witchling" is cool but I prefer the original edition illustration. Now, the "Black Faerie" is tonnes of awesome despite that there were two other artists' approaches for this heinous monster over the years. I adore Ramon Perez's because it was practically not safe for work and a miracle it appeared in Rifts Coalition Wars 1 (pg 140). Back to Jeff, In Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven check out the "Conglomerate Entity". On the site don't miss the "Neuron Beast" in the 7 Rifts art pieces from 2005. Overall beyond the wicked designs and style Jeff uses I really have to praise his evocative shading.

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