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December 7, 2009

Dark Lights

Previously on Learning Dark Arts there was a discussion about inverted shadows in Daz3D titled "Come Over to the Light Side". To briefly re-iterate it involved the following steps. Set a distant light and scroll down through the light's parameters. Double click the word Intensity and on the menu that pops up click Respect Limits so that it reads No and click accept. The Intensity bar changes from 0 to 100% with a slider to a bar full of graduations. Roll the dial and select a negative intensity. In that previous entry this technique was used to create bright white shadows. This time the intention is to use it as a dark light that saps away the brightness from the scene. This can be used on any of the style of lights for different effects. Just remember if you turn on shadows it makes white ones.

This negative intensity light, that I call a dark light, also has a negative colour so it is best to leave it white. I have created the images "By the Christmas Lights Comparison" and "By the Christmas Lights" to illustrate the effect. The Comparison shot is the original render of the scene before adding the negative intensity light. It's quite bright and some of the coloured light is lost on the figure. With the addition of the dark light the room takes on the appearance of a dark room lit by smaller lights. In other words a dark light is good for turning down the lights on a scene when you want to mix coloured lights without excessive brightness. If you've ever wanted to add multiple lights to get a specific effect or colours, but the scene is bright and the colours are washed out then this is your solution.

This will be the last entry in this blog for the year. I wish you happy holidays whatever you celebrate (or don't). Take care and stay safe. I will see you again in 2010. Thank you for reading.

Music: Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Twisted Sister.

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