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Come learn the art of 3D computer generated art and animation. This blog deals with the lessons learned and the art created by Robert G. Male using DazStudio from Daz3D. Also covered are the ancillary software, tools, techniques, and processes needed both before and after rending in the 3D software.


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April 11, 2011

Inside Perspective and the Transparent Wall

It is a frequent movie-making trick to remove the wall of a set to get the desired angle, but I would like to do less of it. It would be my preference to have the camera act as the eyes of some unseen figure--sometimes I'd like to work as if it were actually some character's view of the room, complete with their hands and part of their body in frame--that is a topic for another time. I want to work with a virtual space and give that feeling of being inside of it. I want a more intimate, immediate view of any given scene. When a scene has everything compressed, and stairs are at a wall in an unnatural way, whether or not my camera is in a person's natural space in the room or not, I want to do something about it, and that takes time, effort and often working around a bad kludge in pre and postproduction.

Then there is the flip side of this. I mentioned last time about the narrow rooms that are a part of the West Park set. These super-narrow rooms appear correctly from most if not all views allowed through the doors closing them off. If the perspective of the maps is correct, they may even appear correct with the doors open, though that might not be possible to pull off since such a false perception requires knowing the viewing angle, and that would change everything. Putting items into these rooms may be another issue since they will push through walls, and be limited in their rotation. The best way to handle this is the same as they do in forced perspective photography or movies. The easiest is to make the objects smaller along one or more axes--I had to look that up, axes is the plural or axis. The angle at which items sit can also be altered to add to the effect.

Music: Rainbow by Aya Hisakawa.

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