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April 4, 2011

Twisted Perceptions at West Park

When I looked at and ultimately decided to buy the Lobby for the West Park location I was taken in by the first sample image on the sales page. It shows the stairs, two Sales page image. and a bit windows on the landing of the stairs, and the ground level door at the end of the room. I do not know as yet how they managed to create this scene. I cannot do it with any camera angle. I can begin to approach it slightly by lowering the X scale of the set and removing some walls from sight, but that still leaves pieces missing and only sort of captures the stairs and windows, not the door. It matches some of the lack of depth, but I don't think all of it. It was the fact that the stairs are quite shallow in the render that made me try the X scale. I think the answer is more likely to be something done to the camera, which I have hardly played around with yet.

Until you look at it closely the render gives the perception that this is what the space looks like, and aside from the stairs it looks like a good perspective. The floor looks a little off as well, but until you are looking at in DazStudio you cannot tell that difference is not inherent to the floor's map. One of the false perceptions that I have noticed in many Daz3D locations--I don't have Poser to compare if those versions are identical in this matter--is that perception trumps reality. You get in there with the camera and swing it around and find many things are narrower than you expect. It is sometimes hard to use the camera as if it were a real object within the scene or it was the eyes of a person. I end up staring at walls and have to turn their visibility off. Back to the camera, I wonder what can be done without affect the other aspects of my final image.

Just for note, I do still suggest this set, and the other West Park sets and their Overlook counterparts.

Music: Love Don't Lie by Def Leppard.

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