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March 21, 2011

Lost Texture Links and Missing Map Pre-Loads

I mentioned last week that I bought the War Vixen and the textures pack. I also stated that I had an issue with it. I installed it, twice, and achieved the same results. I load a figure and load the War Vixen outfit. The outfit does not have a map automatically. Not a problem. I go down to the poses for the outfit and apply one of them, any of the basic five maps actually, and the outfit loses any shape definition to it and becomes flat white. I figured maybe I had to render it. I render it and it's nothing but a white patch on the screen. Now, if I go to the pose folder for the other separate texture maps I bought then they work fine. It's rather aggravating that the original five maps for it totally fail. So far I manually mapped one of the original colour sets, and hope I got enough of it right on the bump dials and everything else. It's a good thing I generally end up tweaking the glossiness on practically everything or else I'd feel really lost. I've put in a report to Daz3D.

As often is the case, there are fit issues to this set, especially the thong. For parts of it not to be submerged within the figure wearing it you have to make other parts of it, like the thong straps, extend out in mid-air. Even then it does not fit perfectly in the buttock cleavage and the front of it has to be modified differently than the back of it, so it's limited to one angle at a time.

Curious Hall Example 1

I also said last time that I had an issue with Hither & Yon, which is a map set for A Curious Hallway. This is somewhat simpler to handle, but perhaps no less annoying. Apparently you have to import each map to the item it belongs to since the maps are all separate. This I will have to do once, or on an as needed basis--though why not just do it once. At least they import correctly unlike the War Vixen issue above. This is a matter of just the producer not doing the work. It will still take some doing since you have to import it to the right part or nothing happens. I'll just get everything set to rights and save it and hope I remember to look for a saved set rather than to import it in all new again.

Curious Hall Example 2

I'll run on just a bit longer. Bear with me. Each section of A Curious Hallway can be made to be the same doors with a bit of work. Or if you bought the separate set just called Hallways then it has ready-made same-door hallways. This makes applying the Hither & Yon maps somewhat easier, but requires doing it for each style door. Also, I tried to apply the map to several of the same doors at once and it won't allow it. Beyond the doors are the columns, the sconces, the floor and the ceiling, and the curtains if you use them--both fit the same door and I could not get it to look right reversed for the opposite wall. There is even a wall section with a tiny door that could be edited out in the map to make doorless wall sections so that the hallway isn't crammed so tight with doors. Lastly, I might have bought more of these Curious locations, but the off-kilter whimsical look is kind of limiting.

Music: Walk This Way by Aerosmith.

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