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June 27, 2011

A Major Upgrade Step

It's been a few weeks now, even past the last time that I talked about the old one, but I bought myself a copy of PaintShop Photo Pro X3. My anti-virus program pitched a fit one day and decided one of the files in my PaintShop Pro 6 was a Trojan or something and before I sorted out what it was doing the file was gone, never to be seen again. Of course this meant the program would no longer load. After some other rigmarole I ended up with the new version at a very excellent half price. I used it on a free trial first to run it through the paces and make sure that it had everything that the old one did. If it was missing anything I'd be using G.I.M.P. now even though it was missing a vital tool that I cannot do without. That tool is colour replacing.

The new program is not without some bumps. For instance I cannot sort out how to use the bezier curves in the new one. I end up with sinuous S curves with no control, rather than half circles and ovals with qualities varied from the base shape at my discretion. Next, I'm not sure why but I often have to save my work twice, even going so far as entering the file name twice before it actually saves a file, and then like a glitch in the old one I do have to check that the image saved as more than a blank canvas or as a corrupted file that won't open. There is also a serious problem that font sizes in the new program do no correspond to font sizes out of it. This was never a problem before. I make note of sizes so I can duplicate text for changes later on, and now they do not match up to old art, desktop programs, or browser text, which were always identical previously.

One last problem is with cut and paste. I will paste something into a scene and deselect it and the bottom pixel width goes missing. I can only undo the deselect and then merge all layers down to fix it. I cannot just directly merge immediately or it will cut it off and require a second try anyway. It's also very challenging to have to merge layers before I am ready to do so, whereas before I could only merge when I was done with the separate layers.

There are a number of new functions to me in this new version, though some people may be familiar with them from interim versions. Discussion those will have to keep for the future when I get into what I have been doing with these new functions and tools.

Music: Book of Thel by Bruce Dickinson.

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