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Come learn the art of 3D computer generated art and animation. This blog deals with the lessons learned and the art created by Robert G. Male using DazStudio from Daz3D. Also covered are the ancillary software, tools, techniques, and processes needed both before and after rending in the 3D software.


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January 14, 2013

Horrible Fresh Starts

I came home from Christmas holidays to a broken computer. I spent several days pulling items off of the hard drive that I had neglected to backup prior to leaving--I made 12 discs of backups in December as it was. I ordered a new computer and have spent the last 14 or so days re-installing DazStudio files. I will likely end up spending the rest of the month doing it. There are over 1100 items I can reset and re-download from Daz but thankfully I should have all of them on my backup DVDs. There are old items, particularly freebies, that I suspect are not listed so I may backup my backups when Iím done. That listed number of items doesnít account for the fact that a lot of the newer ones have at least two install files and some with four or more. Thatís a lot of installing.

With a new Windows 8 machine I have a small main drive--or it may only be a partition--and a larger secondary drive/partition. This means I am not installing the Daz content files in the original places and even if I had a huge main drive I would not be installing content into the multiple locations that resulted from the way Daz keeps changing it file systems.

I backed up all of my Daz save files, but it seems like that is only a half measure to getting back into business when everything is finally installed. I tried using an old save file expecting it to ask for the locations of everything. Instead it only asked for the locations of maps. None of the actual figures and their geometries appear. At this point I expect I will have to take each save file I really want to use and saving them out as morph files, map files, pose files and whatever else to try and get them to apply to newly loaded figures and sets. It seem incredibly daunting and no doubt in some fashions, and for some entire saves, impossible to recreate. It would have been a lot of work to answer where everything was, but Daz should have allowed for that to happen. It is beyond frustrating.

Lastly, while I have a new machine I could really use some help in paying for it. You may or may not remember, but I have an art calendar I have been selling, and I am an author with a short story collection as well as 18 issues of a magazine that I wrote and illustrated. More details on these and how you can help are available at Fund Raising Options. Even just passing the word is a great help. Thank you!

Music: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.

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