Hi, my name is Robert Male and I am the owner of Battered Spleen Productions™, an independent publisher of fiction, audio-books, and soon, role-playing game art and books. Battered Spleen is just me and a computer. At the end of December (2012) that computer failed and became useless for work. I had to replace the computer or close up shop. The problem I have now is how to pay for this machine.

You can help me out, if you would. If you can, pick up a product. I've provided some quick links below. If you can't purchase an item you can still be a huge help by passing the word on.

Thank you for whatever help you can send my way. I really appreciate it.


2013 (Print Your Own) Art Calendars

Magazine Bundles are on sale on the front page.

My short story collection is not for everyone, but if you like your fiction nasty, and potentially even vile, check it out.

Or you can make a donation using the button near the bottom right at http://www.robertgmale.com