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December 5, 2014

Four after Ten Finale

Well. It has come to this. This is the final post here for 2014. It's been a sparse year, but that is the nature of things. I have been busy with other projects. I have put in a lot of time doing other things than writing. I miss the writing. I miss the stories. I miss the exposition on varied subjects here.

I do not know what will come next year. I'd like to do more here next year. I'd like to do more of a lot of different work. Only time will tell. I do know that based on the past this hiatus is liable to carry on until February. I will endeavour to make it otherwise, but that is always my intention, and it never crystallises.

Oh, and can you imagine it? 2015! Wow!

Have a grand December--no matter what you are you doing--and keep an ear to the void and I'll see you on the flip side.

Music: Monsters' Holiday by Bobby Boris Pickett.
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  • September 12, 2014

    Check in for September 2014

    I hope everyone has had a good summer. I don't know about you but I don't know what happened to August. Where did it go? One minute it was there, and then the next it was gone. There's a blur of it being suddenly bedtime over and over and that's it. I can't say that I got much done either. Not that I can show to you. There was a lot of effort, but few tangible results. I did some web work for other people of course, so it's not a loss or anything. I also worked on art a bit, including releasing a new piece.

    I'm here so you know that you're not forgotten, and that I still function. Don't throw me off the Astro-Train.

    Music: Rock N' Roll Saviors by Twisted Sister.
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  • July 11, 2014

    Molasses Time

    I live where its idyllic, bucolic, and pastoral. I think it creates an effect on time and space. I can't seem to get anything done. Everything takes so long. Look at this blog post. It was supposed to be written and posted on Friday. It's almost Sunday now and I'm just starting it.

    Either that or I've gotten old. Most likely it's a mix of the two. I'm calling it Molasses Time because it's like being stuck in molasses. Time moves forward at the normal pace while you move in slow motion caught in the stickiness.

    One thing does get done, though sometimes it has taken over a week or more to get done. I even wrote in an event to make up for the spotty schedule. To see what has been completed, and on time for the way it usually is, go over to Umbral Intentions™ and check out Someone Makes Them.

    Music: Move the Mountain by Stratovarius.
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  • June 13, 2014

    Happy Friday the 13th 2014!

    Not only is today the 13th on a Friday, but it is also a full moon. The last time that happened was October 2000. The next time that happens is supposed to be August 2049. Let's hope the bikers in Port Dover, Ontario keep an extra careful eye out for werewolves! Yes, it's the oft repeated Friday the 13 motorcycle rally in the town of Port Dover. They've been doing it with some number of people every Friday the 13th since November 1981. It's supposed to be the second biggest single-day motorcycle rally in the world; or the biggest depending on who you talk to. People come from all over North America.

    I could not find a good solid tally for the number of attendees today. reports a vague figure of over 100,000 in attendance. Some recent years' estimates have gone as high as one hundred and seventy thousand in attendance. Pretty awesome for a place with about six thousand residents to the area under normal circumstances.

    The next Friday the 13th isn't until February 2015! Enjoy what's left of it!

    P.S.: In the original Friday the 13th movie it was a full moon as well!

    Music: He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper.
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  • December 13, 2013

    Happy Friday the 13th, December 2013 and Year in Review

    This year was brief here and not much went on. Maybe it's okay, maybe it's not. It's what happened, in any event. I hope you've been having a good Friday the 13th. It has been quiet here. It must be too cold for all but the hardiest of bikers and they'd have been smart and gone directly to Port Dover; where they congregate every Friday the 13th in the year since 1981. We're not talking a little shindig here either. In the summer runs, numbers can hit higher than 150,000, all descending on the town for a day of celebration and camaraderie.

    This year I talked about the store I was going to set up for my RPG stock art. I set up the Battered Spleen Productions page at DriveThruRPG. I've mentioned it elsewhere, but perhaps not here. I had intended to open the store page there with ten or so items. Product releasing is tied to advertising though, so I've had to parcel out the releases between September when I started, and sometime next week when I release the last of the items I intended to begin with. I can't complain. They have thousands of titles, and new one by the dozens and dozens per week. If they don't know what they're doing then no one does.

    Other than that this year has been full of making new art, trying new art techniques, and the only writing has been doing the weekly post at my fiction blog Umbral Intentions, and the work at R.G. Male's Dark Corners.

    That's it. Go forth and have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, or whatever holiday(s) you wish! Stay safe! I'll see you here again sometime next year. I dare not hazard a guess at this point.

    Music: Winter Wonderland by Elvis Presley.
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