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January 16, 2009

Horror Cares Call Out

One of the features prominently displayed on the front page of my Battered Spleen Productions™ site is Horror Cares(TM). On Facebook there are a number of charity applications that I partake of daily. They work on a fairly simple principle. Every page viewed in the use of the application has advertising. That advertising pays to be seen within that application--either directly or indirectly. Some of that advertising money is then donated to a particular charity or in a few instances several different charities. The applications track how much of a contribution your use of the application has contributed to the charity. I track and update the contributions I have made on a number of these applications. That is what Horror Cares is about.

What I would like to do is to take things a step further. It is fine and good that I show I care about the environment and the betterment of the lives of people and animals. What would be better though is adding more voices to my own so to speak. This is where you can come into things. I would like to expand to have Horror Cares track the contributions of multiple people, in essence anyone who cares about these charities and also has an interest in the genre of horror or any of its sub-genres. There are a few issues to this. Now I want to invite everyone to the discussion topic Iíve started at the Battered Spleen Productionsí fan page on Facebook. Or if you prefer leave a comment here. Once Horror Cares tracks more than just me, then I can make it available as a widget that people can put on their own sites.

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