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January 21, 2011

Act 7 Mind Blow-Up

You've been waiting patiently all month and now it's Killing Time. Yes, Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ Issue 3-1 is available now. Some people want to know why the big wait? Sure it's the start of a new year of issues. Sure it has new stories including a new kind of themed story--previously we had spell casters and then nasty people getting what they deserved. What people have been waiting expectantly for is PSY3007 Act 7. Yes, the story continues and it is going to BLOW... YOUR... MIND! I'm going to be completely frank now and tell you this is not the end. The thrilling conclusion appears next issue! Now, as to the other stories... The first one is titled "Inhibitor" and deals with shady experimental drug trials at a university. The theme stories this year are song inspired. This first one is short but sweet--with an incredibly obvious song title.

There has been a big change in regards to articles in the Year 3 issues. First up is that the general article is completely gone. Before the days of blogging I ceased writing the horror genre articles that discussed writing, watching, and general horror involvement because I covered everything I wanted to cover. In its place I turned my hand to horror poetry. This time out is the poem "Artefact"--that's the official Canadian spelling in case you wondered. New too is "Ghostly Illumination #1" a look at someone important or influential in horror by my estimation. At the tail of the issue is the new end article series "Sommatoria" that ties the whole issue together. Now I have a surprise--you'll have to look at the Teaser page on the sales site for more information--a bonus feature to this special 13th issue of the E-Rag. I've kept you long enough; go, buy your issue.

I've noted on the main Magazine sale page that the next issue, 3-2, will be available February 25th. I hope the wait for that momentous PSY3007 finale isn't too painful.

Music: Run For Your Life by Twisted Sister.

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January 14, 2011

2011 Opening Volley

Happy New Year, and welcome back! 2011. Do you think 12 years ago you could imagine what all will be going on in 2011? Would it just blow your mind to know how much has changed, and could you guess what would stay the same beyond the obvious? Well, I'm back from hiatus and I'm here with some hopeful mind blowing. First on the agenda is next week actually. I will unleash Killing Time - Horror E-Rag(TM) Issue 3-1 next Friday at it's scheduled time. Bit of a tease time here. There just might be PSY3007 Act 7. There is also a bonus piece of fiction. That's enough for now about that. In other news I will be setting a price for the currently free audio story "The Hard Price" in the store. Don't worry I'll be releasing the new free audio story "Firehouse" to replace it as the audio freebie. This won't happen immediately so there is still time to get your free copy of "The Hard Price".

I am now doing something concrete with the "Umbral Intentions" name. You've maybe seen the name before--like here in early December. I kind of had no solid idea of what to do with it for a long while. I wanted to use the name and keep control over it so I bounced it around to different blogs--mainly mirrors of Inchoate Ascendant actually. Well, finally I bought a domain for it and decided to use it as I originally intended. It is a companion to the "This Mental Eventide" site in anticipation of the RPG of the same name. Umbral Intentions, among other things, is going to be host to a brand new blog for Joshua Gavin Rhoads. Josh is your guide to a side of reality you didn't know existed and a struggle we all might only hope to be drawn into in our worst nightmares. I think that is enough excitement for one night. See you next we for the Killing Time release.

Music: Haushinka by Green Day.

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