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April 12, 2013

Crawling Inefficiencies

I've spent part of this week working on art projects. I've also spent perhaps embarrassingly long sets of time messing around with voice synthesis software, mostly in the form of text to speech programs. The voice I would most like to use seems to be caught in a terrible tangle. You could spend an exorbitant amount to buy the software to use anywhere, or a mere $7-8 for an iPhone text reader app if you happen to have one of those. Not having other inexpensive apps is pretty aggravating. Still it's not the voice I would really like. This isn't really anything I need, so I guess I'm shelving it again, except I did get a free program that might let me work something out, if I can figure it out. The state of this stuff has progressed very little since I messed around with it years ago. Not only that but the barriers to entry are still there and still very fake with high minded sounding instructions that are actually just plain lacking because you have to pass the test of figuring it out yourself or just plain programming something else entirely yourself.

I did a little bit of shopping around for an editor to give a final look over of my first novel. It's all too expensive and I have no patience (or perhaps I have enough sense) to try and Kickstarter for it. I'll leave that for something worthy of the effort, planning, and scads of bonus materials that Kickstarter entails any more (or always did in some fashion). I'll have to give the novel the one last pass myself before unleashing it on the world myself. It's been long enough I hope any typos and the like stand out like sore thumbs. That is if I really find any worth mentioning. We were really thorough.

Music: Otome no Policy by Yoko Ishida.

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April 5, 2013

Returnae Ascendansia

So it begins... again...

I intend to get back to almost the same schedule as the past year or two for blogging. I may drop one post here or there. I will likely post shorter and possibly more loosely structured than before. They may be less tags as well, and their contents might not be complete on the day of the post. As long as the new title gets added to the tag before I forget entirely it should all be good.

I may post more material here of a personal work nature. Less topics and more of just what I'm fiddling with, thinking about for work on myriad projects, and that sort of material. Umbral Intentions™ is one blog I won't be changing, or taking it easy on. I'm not sure when I'll start posting them but there are a number of Learning Dark Arts topics I wanted to cover. R.G. Male's Dark Corners newest post has a bullet list and I may do more of that instead of my usual blocks of text. TechStop™ and WraithStop™ may exclusively cover older articles that I have squirreled away because there haven't been a lot of interesting developments, mostly just old ones finally coming to fruition. I really want to get things running smoothly again and not short change new, hopefully lucrative, work.

Music: Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Guns N' Roses.

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