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November 16, 2012

Money Troubles Continue

I thought I posted here in October, but I don't see any sign of it on the hard drive. A check online says that I totally forgot to post a link to the October festivities. My apologies. I'm afraid that this might be only the first of the bad news. This year has been a financial disaster to put it mildly. My business is in dire straits and closing it up looks more likely by the day, despite having no other prospects for other work. I need a solution and fast.

I could Kickstarter my first novel. That might involve sending it out to an editor rather than giving it one more run through myself. I have no idea what the stretch goals would be other than a short piece of companion fiction that I wrote. Publishing options might be possible such as paperbacks and hardcovers. I still have not looked into creating the Kindle edition myself.

I have considered a Kickstarter for one of my role-playing games, but I am leery of proceeding on that without being further along in principal writing. I want people to have faith that it will happen in short order and not drag out well beyond the deadline I would have to come up with for completing the books, and whatever other material is required to earn higher rewards than just the book itself (or maybe I see too many Kickstarter projects with lots of varied and additional rewards).

The page at DriveThruStuff selling stock art has not materialised yet though I do know what the initial images will be, and I at least have some of them at different stages of completion. I do not expect high sales figures there, simply because of how few people would want to have the same art as some other project, so it is not like I will be selling mass quantities. Essentially the issue there is being able to produce fast enough to turn some kind of profit.

I do not know who and how many people I could rally for a fundraiser. I need to get my 2013 calendar ready really soon and see to getting it available in printed versions as opposed to the print your own copy available for 2012. That could be something to use as gift for donations and a tangible reason for people to want to support my efforts.

I don't even know what kind of numbers I need to keep afloat, though certainly I can say I need at least $1000 over any productions costs just to get my credit situation back to the state it was in the start of this year, and as you can guess that isn't all that great either. I'm open to plausible suggestions that don't involve spamming people unnecessarily or legal troubles.

Music: Sun for the World by Helloween.

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