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April 5, 2013

Returnae Ascendansia

So it begins... again...

I intend to get back to almost the same schedule as the past year or two for blogging. I may drop one post here or there. I will likely post shorter and possibly more loosely structured than before. They may be less tags as well, and their contents might not be complete on the day of the post. As long as the new title gets added to the tag before I forget entirely it should all be good.

I may post more material here of a personal work nature. Less topics and more of just what I'm fiddling with, thinking about for work on myriad projects, and that sort of material. Umbral Intentions™ is one blog I won't be changing, or taking it easy on. I'm not sure when I'll start posting them but there are a number of Learning Dark Arts topics I wanted to cover. R.G. Male's Dark Corners newest post has a bullet list and I may do more of that instead of my usual blocks of text. TechStop™ and WraithStop™ may exclusively cover older articles that I have squirreled away because there haven't been a lot of interesting developments, mostly just old ones finally coming to fruition. I really want to get things running smoothly again and not short change new, hopefully lucrative, work.

Music: Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Guns N' Roses.

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