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June 28, 2013

Wraparound View

I've been looking back, which inevitably turns to looking forward. That's the way it goes when you like to make plans and enjoy having one thing lead to another to another. Even plans that don't come to fruition don't go away, they change or wait until the stars are right. Who knows what bizarre mutations they will develop while hidden, near-forgotten, in the dark of the subconscious. Other ideas may meld into them making them more hideous (code here from awesome) and stranger (what doesn't kill you...).

Something else that has been on my mind, in particular today, is heroes. This included what kind of people need them and when, as well as when and how someone goes from needing a hero to stepping up and being one.

Music: Where the Wild Things Are by Metallica.

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June 7, 2013

Quiet Year Middle

I've never been one to write stories of any length for only my enjoyment. I always expect to send the work out somewhere or fold it into something else later. I write what I want to read, because with few exceptions there are lots of people who like the same things I like, so that should be a good place to start. When it comes to art though, I find myself making a number of images with no intention of sending them off to be seen and consumed by others. Nothing is ever wasted of course. I can always reuse items, lighting conditions, backgrounds, and the like. I have the distinct feeling I've posted about this before, or maybe this is just the first time I'm going ahead and posting it.

On the news front, I've been busy doing a lot of things, but alas none of them have anything to show for it with releases, except for blog posts. I totally missed last month here, but other blogs went on with their new usual timing. I don't like to short change posts, but I think in order to get this one out I'll end now.

Music: Omega by Bruce Dickinson.

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