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July 12, 2014
Someone Makes Them

I almost killed Sarah.

It was Tuesday morning. We were eating breakfast and I felt like I had just closed my eyes and then I feel this clawing at my good hand. I open my eyes and I am strangling Sarah. I can't stop. I feel my fingers digging into her throat, my palm jammed into her windpipe. She's clawing and I bet she's trying to force an emotion on me, but I don't feel that. Just my hand.

She jabs a fork into my forearm and I feel the sharp pain, but my hand doesn't stop. She leaves the fork there standing upright, waving back and forth as she tries to pull away from me.

I want to scream, but my mouth doesn't obey me any more than my hand does. I think to move my hand but I have such a grip on her, and I can feel her weakening pulse under my middle finger, that I'm afraid I might tear her throat out if that's even possible.

I split my focus with the salt shaker. I can see the little lines radiating from Sarah's form. She is a warm purple shape with holes where her eyes should be. I have a clear intention for the me that is the salt shaker. I feel rigid like it is. I gather my strength around it's hard but brittle form. I then disregard it, leaving it to the intention I gave it.

I focus myself on Sarah and I can feel her heart slowing. I make my heart feel what hers does. I slow down to her level. I make myself slow down even further. I can hear my blood in my ears thud, and thud, and then pause and thud, then pause longer. I black out.

When I come to, I am pinned to the floor with my back aching, pressed to the linoleum. I don't feel any extra weight, nor should I. I have unsatisfied movement in that direction. My arms are free though and Sarah, eyes bloodshot, a vicious bruise across her throat, comes and handcuffs my good hand to the fridge handle.

I feel like myself, but I did beforehand too, until I proved to have no bodily control. The fork is still in my arm. I try waving my hand and it does as I command. I lie there until the spasming of my back lifts me off of the floor a little and I know that the psychokinesis has lapsed. I reach out my thoughts for the salt shaker, but I'm no longer partially focused there any longer.

That was how it happened. Leery in the extreme, but unwilling to leave us alone, Myron came over and he and Sarah located the Domine in our apartment. Sarah says she can feel it hanging in the corner of the kitchen still. She says it's like when you stand next to the counter and close your eyes, and you feel the counter there even though you don't see it. It has no emotions, and she can't tell if its waiting to activate again, or if it will just fade away without any more trouble.

There is trouble coming though. Trouble coming for whoever makes the Domine. The Protectorate has pledged its full support in catching this monster. We will find him or her and put a stop to this madness and death with one final death. I'm coming for you, and I'm bringing all the help I can muster!

Tags: Domine, empathy (psychic), Myron Nath, The Protectorate, psychokinesis, Sarah Jayne, split focus, sympathy (psychic).

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