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December 13, 2014
Deeper Meat

Just when you think it can't get any stranger, it does. Melvin has been combing through the activity of people whom had been under the influence of a Domine. It has been painstaking work, but he has found more people than we originally knew about. They were involved in all sorts of things from stealing for Heidi, to information gathering on people she must have thought were threats, to other jobs we don't really understand as fitting together in a way or really being useful. It would be easy to write it off as her being unstable, but we agree everything she was doing was for a reason. We just need to sort out what her goals were beyond having anything she might want.

A couple of the new people we discovered were looking into and even trying to get into Fauxtein. That company just keeps coming up, and I don't believe in coincidences any more. What is going on there? Kidnapping Susan seemed like a bad idea from the get go, but obviously Heidi had a plan of some kind. Susan told us everything about her time under Heidi's control and never mentioned Fauxtein even when we talked to her last, about the company. That isn't to say that Susan just doesn't remember. Most of the Domine victims had no recollection about what they had done, even now. We will keep digging into it. I'm just as leery of Heidi having a lasting legacy as I was of her.

I'm going to sign off now for the year. Unless you really need to know about something that is going on, I won't post again until next year. It's sure to be a much cheerier holiday season without my drama. I want you all to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll see you in January.

Tags: Christmas, Domine, Fauxtein, Heidi Caan, Melvin Klein, mental domination, mystery, New Years, Susan D'Amico.

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  • November 29, 2014
    Mystery Meat

    Josh here, in case you forgot I'm still kicking. Melvin, and the rest of us, have been going through the Minnesota O.S.I.R. files. There's reams and reams of them and more that are digital only. We found vague references to a familiar name. By vague I mean we can't figure out why they mention it or what it means. The name is Fauxtein. The references are in board meeting minutes kind of papers. It could be lunch orders but when you look at them it makes no sense.

    With that in mind I went to the one person I know connected to Fauxtein in any shape, Susan D'Amico. Susan had been breaking into Fauxtein buildings to start fires. I went to see Susan. She's doing well after the whole Domine mess. The frostbite was short lived. The bruise on her forehead was a bit more lasting. She's coping with the memories of her time under control of the Domines. I asked her a lot of questions about what she had been up to at the Fauxtein facilities. It boils down to her following up on talk online that some of their products are not as animal free as they report to be. It wasn't important to me, but it had something to do with byproducts and cover-ups. It's basically a dead end for me since I'm not passionate about a meat-free lifestyle.

    I'll keep Melvin on it. He'll chase it down along with everything else anyway--he's very meticulous about information.

    Tags: Domine, Fauxtein, Joshua Rhoads, Melvin Klein, Minnesota, mystery, O.S.I.R., Susan D'Amico.

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  • November 22, 2014
    Springing the Trap

    This is Josh. Yes, you are reading that right. I am alive. Sarah is alive. I have a lot to tell you. First up is that the Minnesota branch of the O.S.I.R. has been decimated. Let me start at the beginning now...

    Back before the silence on the blog there was a sniper on the loose killing people. To keep a long story short my team and I tracked down the sniper. He wasn't using a gun but instead his gift. That turned out to be false. There was a gun and it fired bullets that were essentially made out of a frozen gas. Don't ask me the details on that; I don't understand them, but take it as true since I saw them with my own eyes. That's getting ahead of the story though.

    We tracked down the shooter's location and Sarah and I were the ones to find him. I immediately saw the rifle and knew something was wrong. I pulled the gun from his hands as I strode across the room of the abandoned office building he had chosen as his spot to shoot a new target. That was when metal slats rolled down over the windows and bars shot across the door. Gas started to fill the room from the floor and the ceiling. There wasn't anything I could do. How do you grab air? I guess others can, but that's a very specific gift.

    Sarah and I were knocked out and taken away to an O.S.I.R. building to be killed. Thing is, the O.S.I.R. wasn't the only one with a plan. They grabbed Jack and Jenny disguised as Sarah and I. I have to hand it to Jack doing that, and of course he and Jenny for volunteering. We had a tracker on both of them that the O.S.I.R. couldn't detect. A Protectorate member helped us. We were a safe distance behind the O.S.I.R. kidnappers and we stormed the office almost immediately. They didn't know what hit them as I threw them around. Sarah left one agent a blubbering mess and another screamed herself hoarse.

    I know it may seem a disturbing trend but when you don't want to kill, but you do want to punish those that kill without remorse, you have to do extreme, and sometimes lasting things to people. I bludgeoned the sniper's hands with a desk drawer until I thought I must have broken every bone in them. Sarah and I determined he did all the killings--there were reports in the office. The victims were just random people that the O.S.I.R. decided should be sacrificed to draw me in. I can't let wickedness like that stand. With that in mind we took the fight to the main O.S.I.R. branch in Minnesota.

    We laid siege to that place. I won't say how many Protectorate members were involved, but it was enough to storm the place and take it over completely. We captured the staff with only a couple unavoidable deaths. I didn't want any, but these were heavily armed agents with no problem killing anyone they want. We gave the rest two choices: find a new line of work or die right there. All of them decided to quit hunting us. To make sure of that each has a watcher assigned to them. Four of them weren't being honest and have been executed since then.

    Melvin made copies of all of their data and determined where all of the back ups are physically located. The Protectorate methodically destroyed all of the computer hardware at those locations and Melvin and I broke all of the gear in the main office that needed to be broken and we left with the parts. The Minnesota O.S.I.R. is nothing but a bad memory now. We have no idea when they will set up a new shop if they haven't already. There is only one loose end that escaped us. Tommy Dearing was nowhere to be found. I just received word this week from Mr. Peterson that Tommy was scooped up by the O.S.I.R. and is likely on permanent vacation for not only orchestrating the deaths of random decent prime people, but also being taken in and losing his entire operation.

    That leave us with this. I must profusely apologize publicly to Madan Sarcova for the torment I put her through thinking Sarah and I were dead. I already apologized in person, even getting to my knees to try and prove my sincerity. Oh, and if Tam Nguyen is willing she can post here to the blog if she has something to share. Maybe we can organize it so she takes up the slack when I fail to produce. We'll see. For now rest easy, I'm going to try to.

    Tags: Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, Joshua Rhoads, Madam Sarcova, Melvin Klein, Minnesota, murder, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, The Protectorate, Sarah Jayne, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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  • November 15, 2014
    A Friendly New Face

    Hi. My name is Tam Nguyen. I am a Minnesota girl, born and raised. I am also a psychic. A telepath to be exact. I have umbral intentions. What does that even mean? It's supposed to mean that I am a terrorist by birth. It means I'm the target of the biggest, most organised, racist apparatus on the planet today. You know it, but sometimes that bigotry part gets lost in the outrage against the indiscriminate murder. There is a war going on. At the same time though as many will point out there isn't. A war requires the other side to fight back. We don't fight our side of the war because we won't stoop to their level.

    Still, there are those that poke the bear, like Joshua Rhoads. Josh seriously poked the bear repeatedly and sad to say, look where it got him. I won't to poke the bear. If Melvin won't step back into the position I need someone with hacking skills. I prefer it to be someone with psychic hacking powers. It doesn't matter where in the country you are. We need to watch the bear and stay out of its way.

    Join me again next week and we'll talk more. I'll come up with loads to say over the coming weeks. If I run out we'll get someone else to help out. See you again soon.

    Tags: bigotry, hackers, Joshua Rhoads, Melvin Klein, O.S.I.R., psychic.

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  • November 8, 2014
    Sit Down, Dire News Indeed

    My name is Madam Sarcova. Everything has gone so terribly wrong. It has taken me this long to talk to you because I could not figure out how to work this thing. Where was I? Everything is a nightmare. Josh was captured by the O.S.I.R. and has been murdered by them. Sarah was cut down where she stood. They shot her down like a dog in the street. Jenny and Jack have disappeared. Melvin hasn't been heard from since then. This was back in October, almost after the last time Josh posted. Myron was never there. He won't be back. He's going to work only on his hauntings after this. I don't know who is going to take over here, but someone is. It won't be me. I have been way long just sending you this. I will make sure someone sends things on here regularly. I don't just owe it to Josh. I owe it to you. I've seen how important this place is. Please come back next week.

    Madam Sarcova

    Tags: murder.

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