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April 20, 2012

Write Safely

Yesterday I was reading 25 Things You Should Know About Transmedia Storytelling (WARNING: Some profanity). The transmedia idea sums up a number of things I would like to involve myself in at different levels. It even digs into some of the ideas I have presented in the past about different storytelling methods within the same medium--they show up in some of the examples of what isn't transmedia. Within that article is a link to another article titled Cautionary Tales in Transmedia Storytelling, which is kind of a broad or entry level look at why I have the disclaimers that I do on the Umbral Intentions™ site and blog.

To retread material a bit I have a disclaimer marked on a link by that name on all of the blog pages at Umbral Intentions™. It starts with the usual movie boilerplate about how any similarities to real people, companies, etc are unintentional and not meant to be taken as real. I also have my own line at the end about role-playing games and the all too serious comment that it is not real and if you think it is to seek professional psychiatric help. It's not just to cover myself legally, or to deflect hate mail and such, but also to be of help. Some people may take it as flippant, but this can be serious stuff. I can only imaging how much more care and consideration must be taken when dealing with more realistic media in the transmedia mix.

I'll come back to this next time.

Music: New Frontier by Iron Maiden.

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