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March 18, 2011

March Mad Killing Time

Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ Issue 3-3 available now. A camping trip collides with a most bizarre horror. A necromancer's acolyte has a chance at more out of life. The boys had their trouble, but so did Sally. A prolific horror author illuminated. Inbred cannibals. He can't help being a hero. This and more inside.

Yes, the new issue is just out today. The first thing I find that I have to talk about is this issue's poem, "Gathering in the Field of Ed Greely". This was a standout for me; from the vision I had of it that I laid out, to the final execution. I think it's very evocative and I enjoy the subtle unsaid story at which it hints. The first story "Invincible" is a freaky bit of work. It calls upon your sense of hearing. I think it would make a great short video if you could stand the sound. Check out the image immediately after it. The other story "Dare Try" is, I'll admit, a two-parter again. It is also the return of the story inspired by a song entry. The last bit of fiction is part three of "Sun Cycle" titled "A Perceptive Afternoon" and covers Sally's side of last issue's nasty encounter with the living dead, and more.

The article front of course kicks off with the "Letter From the Editor" where I talk a little bit about nightmares and the like. There's even what I thought was an incredibly interesting factoid about particular bad dreams and Canada. This issue's "Ghostly Illumination #3" covers my favourite author, the prolific and horrific Graham Masterton. The whole issue is again pulled together into that cohesive whole in the "Sommatoria #3" at the end. While I don't often speak of them I want to make special mention of the back cover. The back cover is always a teaser or alternate version of what will be the next cover. Until you read Issue 3-4--to be released on April 22--you can only guess to which story it actually belongs. Until then, keep creeped, and go buy the new issue to do that.

Music: Paint it, Black by The Rolling Stones.

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