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March 11, 2011

The Reissue Blues

The Ides are nearly here. Time just seems to be flying. It's only next week that the next issue of the magazine is unleashed on all too expecting public. Despite that I don't want to focus too many entries of this blog about Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™, and the newly renamed I must. There was a technical issue that affected the file size of E-Rag. After some work and recoding I have rectified the problem and the store now has the slimmer version. Nothing was changed visually or text wise, only the download time was seriously impacted, or if you want to put the E-Rag on a thumb drive or what have you. Still, for those that wish the smaller file please email me from the account tied to your PayPal and/or send me the transaction ID and I will reissue you a new download link. The new file is not quite half of the size of the one you already downloaded.

The problem arose due to an error in a third party bit of software that I use to convert web pages into PDF pages. The error itself is most likely tied to my having moved from the beta of Internet Explorer 9 to the Release Candidate. To work around it I used an obviously inferior replacement, which while printing visually identical pages, created pages that were actually eight times larger. While this did get compressed down when all of the pages were put together and the rest of the work done to them, it didn't help much. Honestly, with a release compared to a beta there shouldn't have been an issue. The fix itself to make the original third party program work again was in itself ridiculous and didn't involve said company at all, just me and some recoding. The moral of this story is that when you sit on the bleeding edge of technology prepare to do some bleeding now and again.

Music: Prowler by Iron Maiden.

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