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March 9, 2012

Silly Side Slipping Filler

I've been watching four hour swathes of entertainment in the same setting, many times multiple nights in the week. It's like slipping into another world for a time.* It's like living someone else's life from the outside.** It's an experience that cannot be duplicated in prose or even audio alone. That is partly due to pacing, but mostly due to being a medium of sight and sound, and imagination.***

I don't have anywhere that I'm going with this. I just didn't want to leave this timeslot empty. Work progresses on different fronts that I have previously mentioned, and sadly some other work has had to fall by the wayside. Until next time...

* No I don't, nor can anyone in real life, leave this universe for another.
** No I don't, nor can any human in real life, leave my/their body and possess another person, whether that person is in this universe or any other universe.
*** Apologies to Rod Serling.

Music: Afraid to Shoot Strangers by Iron Maiden.

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