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August 5, 2011

Heat Haze Work Vs. Work Wonkiness

Here we are in August already. It's still amazing to see how fast time flies by despite how long any single day or even hour can be. I had wanted to unleash my submissions policy for Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ this week, but I think it needs just a touch more work and I have to make sure the contract that everyone will agree to upon acceptance is complete, accurate, and as clear as possible. It might have all been ready to go this week except that I have to prioritise current paying work versus potential future revenue.

I still keep asking myself if this is the right course of action from a complexity standpoint. The concerns include scheduling, too few submissions, too many, the responsibility of taking and releasing publication rights, and any of the legal ramifications involved in dealing with second parties. This last one is the worst spectre. As it stands, if I write something, put a warning on it, insist on agreement that all sales are final and as is and that there is no liability for how it makes the reader feel, etc., and then I'm as worry free as it gets. There are a lot of ways that business transactions with submitters can go sideways. The chances hopefully are low, but it does bear some thought.

Lastly, I still question asking for publishing rights for zero monetary gain. The one solution I did come up with is that there are less tangible rewards, the primary of which is that I will promote the author here in the blog entry for the release day of the new issue they appear in. This of course is all aside from the fact that the author will receive recognition for having been accepted--for whatever that is worth depending on where they try use such recognition. It's the best I can think of at the moment.

Music: Against the Wall by Quiet Riot.

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