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August 13, 2010

Differentiation and Divergence of Content

Let me start by saying... Happy Friday the 13th!

I have a few videos on my YouTube channel. I started an account there under just my name. The video content there is mine. That is to say the videos are personal and not something that is a part of R.M.T.P. Co. or Battered Spleen Productions™ per se. Some of the videos are tests. Some videos may end up pulled onto pages for Battered Spleen either as is or with additional content. This means there could potentially be a BSP YouTube page sometime in the future. My original account on Twitter in contrast is a mix of me, R.M.T.P. and BSP. The question then is what information streams and content do I put where. Should I diverge on where they are placed--I did to some degree with Twitter as mentioned in previous entries. What are the reasons why I shouldn't diverge?

Some items will not necessarily fit into the themes, feeling, or milieu of Battered Spleen Productions. Certainly it has been an odd fit pushing some of the BSP material on yet I've done it anyway. There are no frequent updates for R.M.T.P., perhaps badly so, I cannot tell you the last news posted to R.M.T.P. that isn't from BSP. The question of what to include for Battered Spleen also comes up in the Grotesquerie gallery, which already has markers to differentiate images containing nudity and some of those do not have a horror or fantasy bent. The question will need answering again in the future when I get around to finishing and releasing my first role-playing game, especially if the first one done is the fantasy game.

Music: Music: The Grouch by Green Day.

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