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July 16, 2010

Different Path Same Destination

Sometimes I set out to write on a particular topic for one of my blog entries and things take a left turn somewhere along the line. Lots of times I even end up covering only a fraction of what I wanted to get into before its time to wrap up, and then I end up with multiple week posts. I roll with the punches. Recently over at R.G. Male's Dark Corners much of this has gone on, culminating in several posts about witches, witch hunters, and all the goodies that go along with those kinds of stories and settings. The most recent post "The Modern Witch Conspiracy" is a good example of things turning out differently than planned. This post is much more fiction oriented than my usual discussion or scholastic style posts. It did not come out as I initially expected, and that's perfectly fine because it did turn out. Not only does it read well, but it also makes the points I wanted to make.

Here's the thing. Sometimes there is as much to learn from a more story-like post as there is from one that directly makes its points and asks specific questions. It's easy to slip into a mode of reading things, whether it's blog posts, or news articles, or stories and novels without thinking about what is behind them, what is really said that isn't just in the words but between the lines and a part of the whole. I was aware of this in completing this conspiracy post and aware of what I was illustrating in my fictional turn. There is another facet to this that I wanted to highlight. I did not specify what the goal of the conspiracy is. I did not specify the kind of machinations involved in the little cogs of the plot. Here, like good horror, I left it to the imagination of the blog readers as to what might be involved. Who knows what evil schemes they will imagine.

Music: Sign of the Times by Quiet Riot.

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