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June 25, 2010

Killing A Second Year

The first issue of the second year of Killing Time - Horror E-Rag is available now. There are a number of changes that come with a new set of issues. Some are stylistic, others a matter of content. Some of the original style changes from the first run of the E-Rag, as a bunch of web pages, did not make it into the new magazine format. That had to do with colour issues and considerations that were not pertinent in a PDF publication. I did not remove mention of these unused changes in the Letter From the Editor. I find it more important to retain the historical nature of these re-issues. The first new article is a bit of Q and A. It held up amazingly in the time between when it was first written and now. Speaking of holding up. I noted that one of the stories has dated itself in tiny little ways. It's interesting to note how some things have changed in the world in 8 years.

The new stories are something special, not that the ones before them weren't or the ones after. The first story gained some of its own notoriety the first time I unleashed it on the public, making it a fan favourite. Now, the second story... if you thought that any of the previous stories were twisted, you had better hold onto your proverbial hat. This one is bizarre, and might I add sick, in a good way if such a thing is possible to you. Be careful sleeping after you read it. A new year means a new serial story. This time out we join Benjamin Roland Burke whom is looking to become a parapsychologist. Little does he know how much he will have to learn hands on out of the classroom. The Franchise Discussions will only appear every other issue now; in the vacant places will be the Horror Cinema Autopsies. Each of those will take a more in-depth look at one particular movie. Happy reading.

Music: Blessed Are You by Iced Earth.

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