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May 15, 2009

Indecisive Decision Making

I have made no decision or headway in determining what I should do with my planned hiatus. I do know that I have to take the time off. There is a lot of work not being done in the background. Technical projects have been sitting almost idle. Projects and conditions are definitely inchoate but they are far from ascending out of that state. I have considered though that I may just leave things idles as I have done in the past. The main site I have thought about having guest bloggers is particularly self-branded. It is R. G. Male's Dark Corners after all. Is it against the grain to delve into someone else's corners? It is also pretty much exclusively articles. Would interviews fit? Would they be a welcome change of pace? Then there are the other sites.

Over at Learning Dark Arts it is much the same with articles, and only the occasional slice of life, especially in the last year where the focus has been nice and tight. I am also less certain of what to ask on the side of setting up interview questions with artists. Some of the questions would be the same as what I would ask an author. Some of the questions wouldn't fit. I also have no familiarity with artist interviews. As for soliciting articles it would take some time to find artists with interesting articles and then approach them to write one for me. Why would they do that? It's a downfall that I have not taken the time to become friends with enough artists, least of all the kind that write about their craft. At this point this very blog would remain idle so perhaps it is a good decision to them all sit.

Music: In A Rush by Quiet Riot.
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