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dividing line of blood

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August 2008

August 27, 2008

3) Christopher L. Balzano "Alosa1066"'s Amazon Blog: The Pukwudgie Guy
  • Here are some tales of a legendary race from Native American history and some modern encounters--not to mention a book plug, but it was the book that led to this blog's discovery. The collision of the historical framing of the legend and the events of the legend are interesting. It must be something to not only see something unnatural but for it to be so steeped in lore.
  • Tags: history, legend, lore, murder, Native Americans, shadow people, trolls, watchers.

  • 2) Goldfield Hotel
    • Beyond being a very classic tale of haunting, one that could have--not that it might have, but Goldfield and its extravagance match the Overlook--influenced stories from "The Shining" to "Hell Asylum" (a real B if not working toward Z movie), this haunted site boasts one of the few portals to the Other Side as this and other articles term it. Looking at other websites yeilds a lot of refutation of the hauntings histories, but that doesn't deter the value the stories have to inspiration for those writing in the darker genres.
  • Tags: conflicting stories, ghosts, haunted, hotel, inspiration, legend.

  • 1) Braintec
    • This company deals with science, and technology toward the goal of copying and storing human memories. They have the lofty goal of being able relive those stored memories at any chosen time. The horrific fruit born of the dark side of this idea are both thrilling and chilling. See also the entry for this site at TechStop™
  • Tags: bio-chemical, brain, brain implants, dream, knowledge, life blogging, memories, neurochemistry, science, technology, volunteers.

  • August 20, 2008

    3) Haunted hard drive? Storage firm promotes ghost detector
    • What is said on other sites with bad links/missing pictures... The device itself seems to be quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyses the sensor data, factors in biometric feedback from your skin, makes lunar-cycle adjustments and many other things. For the most part the sensors take in information dealing with unusual magnetic waves in the room. While in use, the gadget beeps in rhythm, and the lights are activated depending on the situation. The volume and intensity of the beeps indicates how close your ghost is. The lights are used to help you determine the ghost's position, the ghost's movement, and the risk possibilities.
  • Tags: bio-feedback, entities, ghosts, haunted, lunar-cycle, paranormal, sensors, technology, USB.

  • 2) The Top 10 Reasons Clowns Are Scary
    • LOL at the I Can Haz... picture.
  • Tags: clowns.

    • It is not often (enough) that UFOs are seen in a horrific light, even given some of the descriptions of their occupants and their literally alien nature. This particular bit of ufological history isn't necessarily interesting for its UFO content, or its lack of, but for the panic caused, beyond the norm for such phenomena, due to the political climate and the recent past that clouds the issue.
  • Tags: aliens, government, inexplicable, military, panic, phenomena, politics, reports, UFO.

  • August 13, 2008

    3) Blairsden Archive
    • On the history page linked to from this archive is not only the the history of the Blairsden property in New Jersey, but also several theories about the hauntings of the place and the potential history that lead to the appearance of that ghost or ghosts. I have no looked at the Stories page beyond seeing that it personal accounts about the location, nor did I look at the photos yet.
  • Tags: conflicting stories, ghosts, haunted, legend, mansion.

  • 2) OLE fire fighting beetle to the fore
    • What happens when an autonomous robot runs amok? What if it is designed to put out fires and somehow in classic sci-fi/horror movie fashion decides that a careful camper's fire is a killing offense? What if it just plain decides people are too high temperature to be left alone? Silly in the real world, but great fiction fodder I reckon.
  • Tags: amok, creepy, killing, murder, robots, science, technology, unintended consequences.

  • 1) Germany plans 'cemetery pyramid'
    • Pyramid mania strikes again... or perhaps this bit sparked off the other instances. People it seems are not even content to be dead in the traditional manners of the modern world and seek to revive the past, but not the way the people of history did things, no, today's people want to put a twist on it. In light of today's 'Horror On Hump Day' blog at R.G. Male's Dark Corners Anatomy of a Horror Setting #2-11 *Dun-dun* Zombie Love imagine what power a necromancer might gain from a pyramid made of human ashes/remains.
  • Tags: ashes, cemetery, crypt, death, funeral, funerary, Germany, graves, human remains, mausoleum, necromancy, place of rest, pyramid, RIP.

  • August 06, 2008

    3) Haunted Hamilton
    • This site is the web presence of a group that holds ghost tours in Hamilton and other nearby locations in southern Ontario, Canada.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, tour.

  • 2) Sixth foot washes up in B.C. BC, Canada
    also Third right foot discovered in Gulf Islands BC, Canada
    also Woman finds human foot on shore of Ottawa River ON, Canada
    • It's been a grisly year thus far with the appearance of all these body parts. The most confusing part of this, what can only be called phenomena, is that only one of the B.C. feet has been a left, all the rest are right feet. It is apparently not uncommon for the feet to come lose of the rest of the leg of a body in the water, but that there should be so many discovered in such a relatively short time. This is coupled with the fact that the easiest explanation involving a private plane crash in the area doesn't fit since the DNA is not a match.
  • Tags: bodies, corpses, DNA, murder, mystery, police, serial killer, severed.

  • 1) FBI wants widespread monitoring of 'illegal' Internet activity
    • Here is another Big Brother style look at the FBI. Things seem out of proportion though as the activity being looked after is all machine code and not really anything that a normal person would consider private. It should be identifiable as either normal traffic or criminal. It is also without other measures being involved unidentifiable to a person. This is all never mind the fact that it involves firstly government controlled sections of the net as evinced by the linking of this initiative with the Einstein program described in Congress worries that .gov monitoring will spy on Americans at TechStop™
  • Tags: Big Brother, crime, government, law, Orwell, privacy, warranted.

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