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October 2008

October 30, 2008

3) America's Most Haunted: Myrtles Plantation
  • The Myrtles Plantation is supposed to be one of "America's most haunted houses". It is located in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The plantation is the inspiration for the "St. Francisville Experiment" movie. This article endeavours to separate the truth of the plantations history from the dearth of legends.
  • Tags: conflicting stories, ghosts, haunted, history, hotel, legend, murder, The St. Francisville Experiment (2000) (movie).

  • 2) Paranormal cold spots
      Cold spots are a commonly reported experience in accounts of hauntings and reports of ghosts. The reasons why they exist is a matter of importance in the field of parapsychology. They are not wholeheartedly dismissed but do have to stand up to scientific scrutiny. True paranormal cold spots need to be differentiated from those caused by purely normal sources such as drafts and misidentification of witnesses due to the reason discussed in this link.
  • Tags: cold spots, ghosts, haunted, investigate, paranormal, parapsychology, science.

  • 1) Junction City Prison
    • Prisons are always a good source of ghost stories. Junction City Prison appears to have sightings of a Sasquatch attached to it as well. A number of personal encounters are presented on this page from a number of people. The accounts run the gamut from strange sounds, to ghostly figures, to the creature. Some of them also tie in together. Smartly some of them also maintain a good level of scepticism. This is a nice case study for constructing a good background or history for a setting.
  • Tags: creatures, cryptozoology, ghosts, haunted, history, prison.

  • October 23, 2008

    3) 'Creepy gnome' back on prowl
    • This the first time that this particular story has appeared here despite that it is the next 'chapter' in what is apparently an ongoing saga between modern South Americans and what is describe as a gnome (or more than one), a diminutive human-like figure of legend. The first video to appear, some time months ago, wasn't all that interesting beyond a good laugh. This new video is different. The figure is quite small, where the previously one could have been written off as just a Little Person or a child playing a prank.
  • Tags: creepy, cryptozoology, culture, inexplicable, legend, mystery.

  • 2) Cautionary tale: How a misconfigured laptop ruined a worker's life
    • Sometimes the littlest seeming, trivial thing has a way of snowballing into a nightmare. Real, true, terrible things lurk literally almost around the corner. Here's one of them. This was an accident. Imagine how bad it could get if it were not so, but instead planned. Trade this true story's false crime indictment for something more espionage-like or another crime that is only a crime under specific conditions and there would be the seeds for a nice thriller style horror.
  • Tags: conspiracy, espionage, nightmares, thriller.

  • 1) Airman tells of night he was ordered to shoot down UFO
    • The ever continuing UFO conspiracy gets a new look at as Britain opens up it UFO files. The depth and breadth of the conspiracy required is always fascinating to think about. Are UFO's and the machinations circling them particularly horrific? Certain aspects can be. Certain ideas come to mind revolving around--in a case like this one, but not this actual one--the Men in Black. Of course there is also always the question of just what are these aliens up to.
  • Tags: aliens, Big Brother, case, conspiracy, horror, idea, MIB, UFO.

  • October 16, 2008

    3) Night-Shining Clouds May Have Metal Lining
    • This seems a little cold, dull, and scientific but just think about it for a moment. Clouds with something in them making them glow at night. What could it be causing it (aside from the plausible things put forward in this article)? What does it mean when the clouds have their own light in the dark? What do the legends say about such nights when this happens? The possiblities are many. Even more intruiging perhaps, what it if wasn't clouds but fog instead?
  • Tags: creepy, dark, glow, legend, night, paranormal, ramifications.

  • 2) Remote viewer Ed Dames named Sierra Mountains crash site months ago
    • Remote viewing, the ability to see things in a place not visible with the eyes (distance, or hidden/enclosed) has never seemed to be a classic kind of psychic ability, but since investigation into it began it has been a popular idea. This article is part primer, but maybe more of a launching point to look into it, not to mention the Stargate Project (not the TV show) connection.
  • Tags: government, knowledge, psychic ability, remote viewing, Stargate Project.

  • 1) Palin Bags A Bigfoot
    • With Bat-Boy's seal on the picture it must be true. Should the Sasquatch be on the Endangered Species list? Who would want to be the one to find out that there are Bigfoot out there and that someone should have been looking out for them? There is talk in other circles about a US conspiracy to keep Bigfoot a mystery to protect the public from believeing in evolution in the form of a near-man running around in the wilds.
  • Tags: Bat-Boy, conspiracy, cryptozoology, endangered species, hunting, killing, legend, monster, sasquatch.

  • October 09, 2008

    3) Millionaire spooked from mansion
    • This is a modern day taste of the Amityville Horror over the pond in England. Of particular note is that the place is in Nottinghamshire county, of Robin Hood fame. There is a creepy story to be told there.
  • Tags: blood, creepy, experts, ghosts, haunted, paranormal.

  • 2) Hanging Suicide Mistaken for Decoration
    • You have to love Snopes.com, making it real... or at least pointing out the false. Here we have a Hallowe'en themed entry. A suicide by hanging is mistaken for a spooky All Hallows Eve prop. It says something about the lengths to which people will go for the holiday, but also it says more about the people who will expect anything is acceptable to their twisted, demented, neighbours.
  • Tags: corpses, Hallowe'en, hanging, holiday, props, suicide.

  • 1) Fort Wayne Masonic Temple - Shadow Man
    • Here is a look at a first hand investigation into a haunted location and the results. This seems more like a classic haunting and the shadow basically a spectre, rather than an encounter with one of the Shadow People. The way that there is only one witness even though others were present is quite indicative of the difficulty in proving the existence of a ghost at a location. It goes to show the need for luck in not only capturing the first real evidence, but also in being able to re-verify it--a necessary tenet of the scientific process.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, science, shadow people, verification.

  • October 01, 2008
    13 Nights of Hallowe'en 2008

    Welcome to the 13 Nights of Hallowe'en 2008. Here is a list of all thirteen movies. Hit your local video store, snail mail rental services or legal download service and watch along. Click the DVD cover to buy a copy from Amazon.ca. Each day you can click the movie's name to read the R.G. Male's Dark Corners' blog about the movie.

    #1 October 19
    fear dot com
    fear dot com

    #2 October 20
    The Ugly
    The Ugly

    #3 October 21
    Mimic: Sentinel
    Mimic: Sentinel

    #4 October 22
    The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    The Exorcism of
    Emily Rose

    #5 October 23
    The Messengers
    The Messengers

    #6 October 24
    Dead Silence
    Dead Silence

    #7 October 25
    Body Parts
    Body Parts

    #8 October 26
    The Mangler
    The Mangler

    #9 October 27
    Just Before Dawn
    Just Before Dawn

    #10 October 28
    The St. Francisville Experiment
    The St. Francisville

    #11 October 29
    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
    Behind the Mask:
    The Rise of Leslie Vernon

    #12 October 30
    Stir of Echoes
    Stir of Echoes

    #13 October 31
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill

  • Tags: blogging, Halloween, horror, movies, R.G. Male's Dark Corners, thirteen.

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