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dividing line of blood

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September 2008

September 25, 2008

3) Lucid Living, Dreaming, and Dying
  • Lucid dreaming is always an interesting topic. If you can learn to do it, and come back to this page here at WraithStop™ you might find more description in this space about what interests me in the this article, and what inspiration I would like to pull from it.
  • Tags: brain, death, dream, lucid dreaming.

  • 2) Penanggalan
    also Manananggal
    • Mentioned in the aswang article is the manananggal, which in turn mentions this creature here, the penanggalan, which by far is the most disturbing of the lot and also the creepiest. The legend of priestess and the ritual bath is particularly evocative even if it doesn't necessarily make that much sense to the modern mind.
  • Tags: assault, creepy, culture, disturbing, inspiration, legend, monster, murder.

  • 1) Boy survives 'aswang' attack Archived
    also Aswang
    • Here is a look at a monster from the other side of the world (figuratively if not actually geographically). There are many interesting things to note here. They range from similarities to legendary creatures from closer to home, to the wild differences, and it might seem, comparatively to our sensibilities as they have been formed, differences in the level absurdity, if not down right silliness (if one doesn't have an open mind that other cultures might consider our monsters equally silly). {Ref#1 - Th, Oth}
  • Tags: absurd, assault, comparison, culture, inspiration, legend, monster, murder.

  • September 18, 2008

    3) Mass Disappearances (Paranormal News)
    • This look at missing colonies/towns goes from the familiar to more obscure cases. More than that though they get stranger as they go. Lake Anjikuni is decidedly has the most oomph to it, both because of the included news reports and because of the "most disturbing discovery of all" involved in the case. There is definite good fodder there in that idea.
  • Tags: corpses, creepy, graveyard, history, missing, mystery.

  • 2) Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Ghosts? Really?
    • Talk about an idea rife with possibilities. The TV series idea I could perhaps do without, but the idea might work better as a subplot, and certainly in a shorter work, maybe even a book series. The reason for that is a matter of focus, the kind of focus that regrettably TV lacks.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, inspiration, knowledge, psychic ability, reporter.

  • 1) In the Wilds of New Jersey, a Legend Inspires a Hunt
    • Monster hunting is alive and well, and being reported in the New York Times, you've got to love it. What is it that makes a legend endure? Are there some legends that never get off the proverbial ground even if there is no proof to contradict it? Do a lot of legends become legendary without continued sightings?
  • Tags: contradiction, hunting, legend, modern, monster, New Jersey Devil, reports.

  • September 11, 2008

    4) 'Wicked Dame Sergison'
    • The first chunk on this page is about a cranky old woman not satisifed to just have tormented her family during life but had to continue at it after death. Talk about misanthropic. The idea about the gates is vague at best and doesn't make the most sense, but something interesting could be made of it.
  • Tags: creepy, ghosts, haunted.

  • 3) Jacob the ghost fails to foil pub burglary
    • Which is more interesting? The ghost that has a direct hand in helping robbers empty a place, or the ghost that extracts a terrible price on the robbers? This is obviously neither, but the question did come to mind while reading it.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, ramifications.

  • 2) Ghostly Black Dogs
    also Black Shuck - Norfolks Hell Hound
    • Many are the tales of ghostly black dogs. Many are the names of them too. This article looks at a bunch of them and the place they are most common, various locations around England, in particular Sussex. Also of great interest here are the stories/idea about the Corpse Ways. In the second link note the reference to that area's particular sightings and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles.
  • Tags: black dog, creepy, ghosts, graveyard, haunted, ley line, paranormal, shadow people.

  • 1) Psychic investigator looks into spooky painting
    • I don't see anything full-fledged in the picture, maybe bits that might be misconstrued as bits fo creepy things goingo on. However the insinuation that figures come walking out of the tower would certainly be phantasmagoric to say the least. If anyone actually sees something, give me a shout. Chances are, as it would be in any good story, the actual painting is required to see anything untoward since it is the focus, the fetter you will, of the haunting.
  • Tags: creepy, ghosts, haunted, legend, paintings.

  • September 04, 2008

    3) Scream GB
    • This is the ten creepiest or more precisely most haunted cities in Britain according to a new study based on the number of ghostly sightings per 10,000 population.
  • Tags: entities, ghosts, haunted, legend, paranormal.

  • 2) Scientists to study synthetic telepathy
    • The end goal of the current research is proposed here, Army Funds 'Synthetic Telepathy' Research, but that application is only the tip of the iceberg when looking at the horrific ramifications that could be pursued in any form of story media (book, movie, video game, RPG). Of particular interest is the idea of translating those encrypted messages back into a format that can then be inserted into the brain of the recipient. This harkens back to the Braintech article.
  • Tags: brain, psychic ability, ramifications, science, technology, telepathy.

  • 1) Singularities And Nightmares
    also (for details on the technological singularity) Technological singularity
    • Some of this is the fodder of bad science fiction presupposing horrendous rather than horrific decisions of future generations, or at the least looking farther forward than the bulk of most sci-fi horrors should perhaps look (This not to say that some shouldn't look, though it changes the dynamic. I may try my hand at such a thing nonetheless, hence the modifier 'bulk' in my statement). The themes that these ideas of/from the technological singularity touches upon and the social and political set ups that will grow out of it may be useful for the backdrop of other more properly horrific stories (and less the unintentional gee-whiz horror of some sci-fi vehicles and tropes, which are not meant to be of a horror bent but pick up the taint anyway).
  • Tags: decisions, politics, science, science fiction, singularity, society, technology.

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