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dividing line of blood

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February 2009

February 24, 2009

3) Haunted hospital calls in exorcist
  • Consider the effect of being the employee to first come forward about having seen a ghost at any place of work let alone at a hospital. What are the legal ramifications, and the effect on internal politics? What does this do to the confidence of the clientele, especially since patients often don't have the choice of going to more 'normal' hospital? What of the impact that the ghost described actually sounds more like the Grim Reaper. Why don't more hospitals see such a figure?
  • Tags: Death (Figure), exorcism, ghosts, haunted, hospital, politics, ramifications.

  • 2) Ghostbanisters
    • This story of a ghost caught on video includes the short video. It is very impressive. It should be noted that the shadowy ghost is not a shadow cast on the wall. In the slow motion it actually appears that the shadow casts a shadow. Real or hoax this is an impressively creepy little video. This seems more like a haunting case than it does one of the Shadow People. Either way it fosters several ideas.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, hoax, shadow people.

  • 1) Bird killing fallout alarms N.J. community
    • The first comment that comes to mind is it's "like Stephen King's The Dark Half in reverse". An article like this could be the lead-in to a number of different kinds of stories from precursor to a natural disaster to government conspiracy to omen foretelling a supernatural event to signs of alien invasion. Birds have that tendency to be creepy, and dead birds are even worse.
  • Tags: death, government, inexplicable, investigate, panic, ramifications.

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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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