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April 2009

April 21, 2009

3) Letting Your Subconscious Know What You Really Want
  • This is an interesting look at the mind frame required to cast spells as well, in the initial portion, a strong comment about the outside forces involved in the spell casting process. Such outside forces tend to be a part of magical faiths as opposed to more scientific approaches or spell casting forms rooted in universal moral-neutral power sources even when those powers are derived from words, though certainly magic words may be pleas to specific beings.
  • Tags: brain, lore, magic, psychology, spell casting, underpinning.

  • 2) Fema Camp Coffins Investigated Video 9:51
    • The implications of the why's and wherefores in this video are chilling all on their own if taken with any seriousness. Yet, even more fecundly morbid ideas spring to mind. There are a lot of possibilities here for why so many coffins would be needed. Then there are the ideas that spring up from the size of them, and just how easy they might be to break out of from the inside.
  • Tags: corpses, disaster, graves, implications, necromancy, zombies.

  • 1) MIT team touts sci-fi style "virus battery"
    • Obvious avenues of microbial mayhem can come from announcements such as this. Will it be in the early research stages, the first applications or later on in the life of such products that the worst damage will be done? Will the plague released be caused by the scientists, by terrorist, or by animal rights groups who left with nothing else unprotected on the macro scale move on to the protect the unseen life? These are all without getting into the actual symptoms of a disease created from these virii. See also the TechStop™ discussion on this article.
    Deeper WS-Ref#1
  • Tags: amok, bio-chemical, creation, disaster, implications, plague, research, science.

  • April 7, 2009

    3) North America's Elusive Babyfeet - Part 1.
    • Tales like this told from generation to generation are a great source of inspiration. The way that disparate groups with no contact have the same legends is always fascinating. Also of note is the different names that these mysterious groups are given by the people who run into them. Take note also how even as similar as the reports are there are differences, which denote that more than one species of little people may be involved. See also "The Puckwudgie Guy" for another group of diminutive people of legend--not to mention of a darker nature.
  • Tags: caves, legend, lore, Native Americans, paranormal, UFO.

  • 2) Mexico destroys 'Death Saint' revered by criminals
    also Mexican police destroy 30 chapels to "Saint Death" of drug gangs
    • Modern day death worship mixes with criminal culture. The iconography sounds quite striking, and the at least apparent physical devotion is interesting. What leads to such a form of worship? It must be more than just superstition or is that only the beginning and the effect such practices has on the lower members of the gang are the important goal in the exercise. Is there really honour and more among these violent elements? {Ref#4 - HFK}
  • Tags: killing, modern, murder, news, police, psychology.

  • 1) The Chase Crypt of Barbados
    • This is a classic historic example of mysterious and inexplicable goings on within a seal crypt. The possible scientific explanation of flooding being responsible for the moving of the extraordinarily heavy lead coffins around creates a vivid image as they bob around--because they are airtight, and look at how heavy boats are--and settle in odd positions. The speculation as to why displeased spirits might make such a fuss certainly leaves a number of options open. Imagine a scene where a new burial is about to take place and before the seal is broken a great clamouring is heard from within and when the crypt is open no one is to be seen, no way to escape.
  • Tags: crypt, graves, haunted, hoax, inexplicable, mystery.

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