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April 2009.

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April 30, 2009

3) Sarcos exoskeleton video 2:54
  • Sweet! This application of robotics, the exoskeleton, is always a fascinating bit of technology. The uses for systems like this from menial tasks to helping the physically disabled to the military are great. The details on systems like this can be vague or they can be highly technical. Either way they open up vistas in the imagination. When they have specifics the concreteness, the specificness, and the character of the technology is that much better.
  • Tags: application, demonstration, details, military, operation, power armour, technology.

  • 2) TechCrunch at Microsoft TechFest: Qik Meets Photosynth Video 5:09
    • This is the good stuff. You've seen the panoramic views stitched together from multiple photos, now see the video version. There is the issue of multiple users needing to be in the same location not looking at the same identical spot, and it must be dealt with having them constantly panning around or criss-crossing at this stage of the software's development. Consider what the advancements in this will bring. {Ref#8 - HFK}
  • Tags: fragments, implications, software, stitching, surveillance, synthesis, video_analysis.

  • 1) What Microsoft Can Learn About Retail from Apple and Best Buy
    • At first blush this hardly seems like the kind of link to be presented here. Store design? The question to be asked is do you have a favourite store? Ever been to a store that makes you want to come back? Ever made friends with a salesperson or proprietor? Do you know people who work in retail? Or people who know people? Never look a gift character type in the mouth. Not all contacts have to be with criminal groups or police forces to be useful, don't forget about cover identities either. Both the good and bad store, and the staff ideas here can be fruitful.
  • Tags: business, civilian, contacts, design, economics, friends, implementation, public relations.

  • April 16, 2009

    3) IBM's "liquid metal" promises concentrated PV breakthrough
    • Liquid metal brings up such great memories, but this is something altogether different. It ties into both of the links below as a part of the equation of powering the technology of the future. It doesn't touch on the military applications of such cooling capability or the other technologies that this might help advance. Heat dissipation is important to many things, included IBM's usual focus, computers.
  • Tags: advancement, application, energy, future, green, limit, maturation, military, technology.

  • 2) MIT boffins unlock secret of cheap hydrogen
    • This energy technology article covers one of the current high on the list wants of green technology, hydrogen power from water. The best source of water for such work will be undrinkable water though certainly that may have issues, the least of which is political, though such politics will hopefully be of the fictional kind. When floods affect one area and droughts other no efforts are currently made for people to reverse the situations, but cheap, clean power could be a boon to solving this. Effectively ideas could be run with in either direction dependant upon the author's necessity. (I'll leave real world appliations to people who cover or affect such changes.) As to it being the other half of solar equation, sounds good.
    Deeper TS-Ref#3
  • Tags: difficulties, economics, energy, environment, future, green, politics.php, technology.

  • 1) MIT team touts sci-fi style "virus battery"
    • This is hardly a new concept, but this recent application of using and altering existing microbes to build nanotechnology is part of the growing trend to use life to build technology that saves life. The obvious downfalls from a fiction stand-point--which should hardly be translated into real-life fear--include the 'virus' running amok. The Deeper connection linked above leads to a look at a recent TV show and contains spoilers to the episode. It is a fine example of what can be done with this topic. On the technology front power sources like this fuel the advanced technology and allow for varied powerful applications.
    Deeper TS-Ref#2
  • Tags: amok, application, energy, environment, green, nanotechnology, technology.

  • April 02, 2009

    Deeper TS-Ref#1

    4) Seeing Red: Tweak Your Brain With Colors
    • Colours have meanings, or are assigned them psychologically. They affect mood, productivity, and as detailed here memory, as well as possibly physical performance.
  • Tags: associate, brain, connotations, education, empower, memories, mood, productivity.

  • 3) Memory Switch Could Enable Brain Hacks
    • It's rather interesting to see not only how memories are formed, the activity that goes on in the brain in forming short-term memories, then how they move to the long-term memory storage. What's more interesting is that there is a pre-memory state, a point in time where the brain decides that it is going to remember something rather than let it slide on by.
  • Tags: brain, dream, education, empower, information, life blogging, memories, neuroscience.

  • 2) Brain Scanners Know Where You've Been
    • As Lao Tzu was quoted "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"; here is such a step. This study is only the tip of the iceberg in an important path from understanding what the brain is seeing, to what it knows. From conscious input to memories. The implications of this are varied and can be expressed along several avenues. {Ref#7 - HFK}
  • Tags: brain, implications, life blogging, location, memories, mind reading, neuroscience, research, tracking.

  • 1) Brain Scanner Can Tell What You're Looking At
    • The progress shown here is quite impressive. Further refinements will bring about ethical questions about the use of such technology as indicated in the article. At the level where they can differentiate between seeing a dog versus a dog with a bone, and greater granularity things get really exciting. Scanning on the fly and determining motion allows for advanced concepts such as target recognition and tracking. That is just the beginning. {Ref#6 - HFK}
  • Tags: augmented_reality, brain, derivation, ethics, mind reading, neuroscience, optical recognition, privacy, search, target recognition.

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