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dividing line of blood

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March 2009

March 24, 2009

3) Egregore correct spelling rather than Egrigor
  • At first blush what seems to be another name for a thought form is actually both less and more than the concept of the tulpa below. The Egregore draws in aspects of psychology, group or hive minds, on the paranormal end of things. On the purely psychological side is an even more compelling set of concepts with which to build stories at plot and setting levels. The etymology of the word involves a translation as "watchers" which is of particular interest and adds a new depth. {Ref#3 - Th}
  • Tags: The Dark Tower, gestalt, hive mind, paranormal, psychology, thought forms, watchers.

  • 2) Tulpa
    • Mentioned in the Philip/TSPR article below is the concept of the Tulpa, a high end psychic ability essentially involving the manifestation of one's will as an object or more spectacular an entity. There is an immediate connect to TV's fiction series Supernatural, which had an episode with a tulpa (no spoilers as to which episode it is). It is unclear how they related but this wiki brings up an account of a physical gestalt (see the tag for a brief definition).
  • Tags: doppelgangers, entities, gestalt, manifestation, paranormal, psychic ability, ramifications, Supernatural, thought forms.

  • 1) Philips and Egrigors and Tulpas - Oh My!
    • This is it! A nice account of the Toronto Society for Psychical Research and its creation of a man-made ghost. This little bit of Canadiana ranks up there with the flying saucer designs research. It uses the story of Philip as a springboard into a more than interesting look at entities offering a plethora of fertile ideas to plumb. The idea even plays a role in the story of The Mothman Prophesies.
  • Tags: entities, ghosts, hive mind, Mothman Prophesies, parapsychology, Philip (Created Ghost), research, RSPK, scepticism, science, thought forms, Toronto Society for Psychical Research.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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