Hello, I am Robert G. Male. Welcome to WraithStop™. Here you will find links that I think are of interest. Furthermore these are links that I want to keep track of because they have given me either ideas or some other form of inspiration for my writing. Links are listed in order lowest to highest both in the date they are given and the order in which they appear (meaning: read them from the bottom up for a certain day's list). Some of these sites may require you to sign up for free. Without further ado, the links...

dividing line of blood

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May 2008

May 21, 2008

4) MPs back creation of human-animal embryos
  • This article isn't clear on what exactly these cross bred embryos mean, but it isn't hard to run with it in wild and crazy directions for stories that run the gamut from near-reality to way out there. The political impact and all of the underpinnings and currents below the surface, as well as on the face of the matter, are good fodder as well.
  • Tags: amok, clones, creation, currents, hybrids, politics, reality, science, underpinning.

  • 3) Are Horror Fans Under Appreciated?
    • The editorial here is again not really inspiring, but offers good solid advice even if it is preaching to the choir and the people in the horrific know are already doing the right thing/following the adivce. It also offers something of a look through a horror loyalist's eyes as well as a peek behind the advertising/networking and therefore a solid stare at the genre circles.
  • Tags: advice, fandom, genre, horror, inspiration, loyalty.

  • 2) The Idiocracy of Horror
    • This almost rant is not exactly an idea generator, but something of a cautionary tale. Any advice value comes from the spots telling how the horror originals did it right compared to the modern sequels. Some mix of the old and new styles seems warranted, creating a walk down the line of the best of both worlds.
  • Tags: advice, classical, mix, modern, original, rant, sequel, style, warranted, worlds.

  • 1) Court rules that laptop searches at borders is okay
    • Orwellian horror, justice and lawyer's shennanigans, if tied to forced unecrypting imagine the possible damage to civil liberty.
  • Tags: courts, crime, encryption, government, justice, law, lawyers, Orwell, politics.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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