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August 2008.

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August 27, 2008

3) Advance Female Android Aiko AI robot
  • There are two interesting things about this android. The first is the identification system it uses in the food and beverage demonstration. The second is less impressive in comparison, but it left a certain impression. That operation was the mathematics computation where the android essentially feeds itself the data because it understands the layout of the written equation and the provided variables. Such small steps such as moving from optical recognition to plugging in variables can be deceptively difficult.
  • Tags: android, comparison, demonstration, difficulties, impression, layout, mathematics, operation, optical recognition, understanding, variables.

  • 2) Niagara Tunnel Project
    • It's not always obvious but progress marches on out of sight and is doing so right now underfoot (figuratively anyway) at Niagara Falls. Beyond the subterranean nature of the project it is also not obvious that the long standing power station was in need of such a radical upgrade.
  • Tags: construction, infrastructure, progress, project, structure, subterranean, technology, tunnel, upgrade.

  • 1) How YOU Can Make the Web More Structured
    • An interesting discussion on how to push forward with the semantic web. It invovles both steps that the content creators (bloggers and other individuals too) of the web should take as well as a little bit about a layer that should be built on top of the internet to take advantage of all these annotations, tags, and bits of structuring data. From a writing stand point it conjures up several ideas. From a technical standpoint it is awfully vague and introductory.
  • Tags: annotation, blogging, data, format, header, layers, metadata, microformat, semantic web, standards, structure, tags.

  • August 20, 2008

    3) Hacked Wii remote creates $50 digital whiteboard: IDF
    • The first half of this video includes an electronic whiteboard demonstration using IR pens and is done by the same guy who's hacked the Wii's IR capabilities for 3D displays and touch computing. The low cost of these implementations (beyond buying the remote--$45 at is half as enticing as what can be done with it--if you had projector to begin with.
  • Tags: 3D, demonstration, display, hack, implementation, remote, technology, touch computing, whiteboard.

  • 2) Webcam Missile Launcher
    • Of all the things to do at the computer, or to star in one of those funny video shows, this has to be the coolest. Imagine the next generation device that includes motion sensors and facial recognition. Those military sentry robots will have come home. This could even be used for home security--someone out there is going to use one of these things to kill intruders/murder family members either by neurotoxins on the darts or some use of explosives.
  • Tags: civilian, detection, facial recognition, military, sensors , webcam.

  • 1) Braintec
    • This company deals with science, and technology toward the goal of copying and storing human memories. They work with brain implants to this end as well. They are an active participant in the advancement of bio-chemical storage. The most thrilling part of this is the call out for volunteers to be test subjects. This is not diminish at the idea of one day being able to keep your precious memories safe from being forgotten and the even loftier goal of being able relive those memories at any chosen time. See also the entry for this site at WraithStop™
  • Tags: bio-chemical, brain, brain implants, dream, knowledge, life blogging, memories, neurochemistry, science, technology, volunteers.

  • August 06, 2008

    3) Swiss 'Fusion Man' Flies Over the Alps With Jet-Propelled Wings
    • Who doesn't dream of flying without being enclosed in a plane or helicopter? Even those who fear heights marvel at those daring young men (and women) in their flying machines. The next steps are being taken, as illustrated here, in making a person fly with only a machine on their back. The idea may not have much real application in the civilian sector, but the military aspect is just one more bit of the dream of creating super soldiers thanks to the creation of power armour.
  • Tags: advancement, application, civilian, dream, frivolous, future, limit, military, power armour, technology, war.

  • 2) Million Rounds Per Minute: Ghastly Guns Putting the Hurt on You
    • This kind of advancement almost always seems exciting on first examination. The thrill of putting more and more metal in the air, the angry sound of the air being rent, and the flash and flare of stuff blowing up. The technology that goes into making these marvels of devastation work is ever increasingly fancy and fascinating. The level of advancement is practically staggering and seems to be moving at an ever increasing rate. The question is, where do weapons like these need to be deployed? Who can stand up to the already deadly arsenal of the recent past in the first place that these kinds of weapons need to be deployed?
  • Tags: advancement, arms race, automation, damages, defence, implications, innovation, scare tactic, technology, war.

  • 1) Congress worries that .gov monitoring will spy on Americans
  • Tags: cyber-crime, data, detection, government, hackers, implications, law, politics, power, prevention, privacy, propaganda.

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