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February 5, 2010

Last Year of the Old Decade

I decided for all of my blogs to begin the year with two particular articles. The first would be a look back at 2009. The second a look forward at what I would like to discuss in 2010. You've already read the first entry to his blog in January and it wasn't a look back. That's okay though, it was all about Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™. That was one of the types of articles that first began to show themselves in 2009. Something else new that I started last year was guest bloggers. They came to help out in November when I was busy with the E-Rag and recovering from the party that is the 13 Nights of Hallowe'en over at R.G. Male's Dark Corners. The guest bloggers focused on writing with how to start, what to include, and a bit of a look at why certain genres engage certain authors.

In 2009 I started talking a little bit more about the publishing business and about my business in particular. Some of that was about the cycle, the vicious circle if you will, of ideas, stories, books, and projects that build and build, one spawning another, and even more. It's like a Hydra; cut off one head by finishing a work and two more take its place. I also discussed living the horror fan/creator's life. Entries like that were cut with ones about websites and the coding work I do to bring my writing to you and everyone else. All of these are a part of the fabric about what I talked about because these are the things I do, the work that I hope you are interested in and that keep you coming back week to week to see what's new. These are kind of articles I intend to keep writing, and I'll tell you about next week.

Music: Know the Difference by Stratovarius.

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