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February 12, 2010

You Know I Scry

Here we are at the last of the looks forward into my blogs. Seems kind of fitting that the cusp of 2010's new blog entries starts here after the inchoate. This is also the hardest one to cast a glance into the crystal ball over. How do you find, identify, and quantify the unformed that are even more so than when they are unleashed malformed and premature on an unsuspecting world? One of the first things I expect to do is stop being so self-referential to this blog's name. Perhaps that will be a part of something regarding how to reuse an idea to its peak, but not beyond. One thing is certain to make the cut for the new year and that is articles announcing and talking about the newest issue of Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ as each one comes out.

I want to do some writing here this year about publishing. There are things afoot out there in the publishing world. I have some experience with it from both sides of the table. I have some ideas, some suggestions, and at least one discussion that might run close to a rant, but we'll see come then. There are some writing projects I would like to get to this year and I want to share some of the background for them, or bits of the ideas. Maybe I will take another look or two at marketing and social networking as well. That is really about all I can think of right now. As said, it's hard to know ahead of time. This blog, among the ones I write, is the most off the cuff, let's go with a current inspiration. Ideas come, and some them end up getting to you. Stay tuned.

Music: I Know Where You Live by Alice Cooper.

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