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September 4, 2009

Get Your Maturity While It's Fresh

Note: I've decided to not post to this blog on the final Friday of every month. Call it a day off to work on other things.

I recently had a brief discussion about the process of writing regarding time investiture and putting ideas down onto paper, proverbial or otherwise. The idea was to spend only a certain amount of time on a single concept then move onto another, and then another. Then at a later point these short bursts could be expanded on properly. Of course a certain amount of brainstorming is necessary prior to the first stab at the ideas. This process would have results that are described in opposing terms at the same time. The results would be fresh on one hand. The inspiration arrives and it forms a bud that requires tending. That bud then matures in the expansion process. It is a pairing of fresh ideas full of invigoration, and well thought out deep thinking.

There could be a flaw in this plan. First the impetus to work on the idea may be lost. It may lose its lustre or it may prove unworkable. On the other hand a better idea may come along or the chance to think about it will allow for a better approach to the material. The freshness might also be lost. There are musicians who consider a track for their album complete the first time they play it through without fault, or have enough parts of it played that well to be mixed together. This provides great energy to the song and avoids the problem of over polishing and staleness through repetition. The same could be said here. Or again on the other hand more polish may be required. It is likely best to err on the side of too raw because extra work can always be done but reverting may be impossible.

Music: Good Enough by Van Halen.

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