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July 31, 2009

Me, Me, Marketing Me

I want to start off by thanking Zoe Whitten for giving me the idea to write this. Being an author is more work than just writing the stories. One of the most important parts after writing your story--I always say this, whether it is a short story, novel, script, comic book, or a role-playing game--is to sell it to someone. You can pitch it to an agent, sell it to a publisher or studio, or publish it yourself, but no matter what you have to sell it. That requires marketing. When you hang around with authors, or even just read about them and the publishing process you learn that they all need to be a marketer as well as an author. Your publisher won't do most of the marketing work unless you're quite established, and even then it's mostly up to you and your agent if you have one.

When you are an author the job of marketing is about marketing yourself first, and then your work that you are trying to sell. Or this is how it seems, because books come and go and attract different audiences beyond your core fans who are invested in you. The go to method of marketing yourself first and foremost is blogging even still. Social networking is a part of this as well. You make friends and interact with your audience and they get to know you as a person, but you also send them to your blog where they get a better sense of the professional you. Here's the rub of the situation, these things take time away from writing on your projects. Immediately this requires finding and keeping a balance between these two requirements of your job.

Music: Machine Men by Bruce Dickinson.

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