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May 8, 2009

Skating on Quicksand

That is what I compared the last little while has been like to a friend--skating on quicksand. If you slow down too much, you'll sink. You have to keep moving. Of course let it be said clearly that with actual physical quicksand you sink no matter what, unless you can also walk on water so don't come suing me because my metaphor led you astray. Quicksand kills! There, now that the legal part of today's presentation is out of the way... It's getting close to the time where I took a break from blogging last year. I am considering it again, however I am also considering guest bloggers or interviews where I only have to format and post results not write everything from whole cloth. I should have sent out interview questions a week or so ago if I was going that route.

Or perhaps I should not have and inadvertently I've done it right. How long in advance do most authors and artists need to answer some questions? Does it take them more or less time to write a blog? I've been known to write my blogs on the day I post them. I post them in the evening and I don't see the day until the afternoon. Other times I write in advance and only polish on the day. In addition to the writing I also do the tagging and updating of pages. I'll admit I do all of the technical work rather than use blog sites--for most of my work--because the tags leave something to be desired over at, which is from Google. You'd think of all people they could do a tag page that yields all of the articles with that tag. That didn't hold true before I started Inchoate Ascendant.

Music: 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden.
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