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May 29, 2009

Putting a Name to My Work

I've been thinking about my roles a lot lately. Why, do I pursue the goals that I do? What is my intention in bringing forth what I do? What is the value of what I am putting out there? There are certain things that I try to do when I blog, Twitter, and share and rate links. I'm always keen to elucidate. I love to be informative. I can hope that even if it is only me, that I inspire. With any function comes a title. What kind of titles might I like to be given? Top ranking the short list is the title Provocateur, a name that I really like. To a fair degree I might also be called an Exhibitionist--think clean here. Or how about Elicitator? At a simple and unadorned level I might just be a Signpost. There are worse things than signpost if I point the cool directions.

I think the title of Grand Illuminator would be cool, if I were working for some royal family with the right kind of bent to have anyone working for them with the title of 'Grand Anything'. In any other blog of this sort, by me, or I suppose anyone really, there would be a number of links to my signposts and sites of exhibition. However, this time I will buck the trend, if only because of this. It has been mentioned previously that I am going to take a vacation from blogging. That means that this is the last blog article that I am going to post until July. To find out when in July people will have to look to my Battered Spleen Productions site or go to the Dead Days Calendar, once July rolls around.

Music: Caught Somewhere in Time by Iron Maiden.

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