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October 2, 2009

The Author's Five P's

It's no secret that an author is a business. Sometimes though it feels as if this gets lost in the reams of information and sites on how to write, and the courses that push the writing. It is extremely important to write well, to strive to improve constantly. There is no denying this, but where is the help once the writing and editing are done and the business part takes over? There is one writer's camp sort of deal that actually involves speaking with editors and other potential buyer types at the end of the process. That certainly puts that one to the top of the list. Some of the lack of information and focus may be because that part of it, at least for the average author, is considered elementary and easily expressed. This is not to say that it is easy to do, just easy to know what to do.

The process might be summed in the Five P's... potential, patience, perseverance, passion, and planning. An author has to constantly be on the watch for the potential to send their work somewhere. Tracking acceptance periods, seeking new publishers, and being where a sale can be made. It obviously takes a lot of patience. Just ask an author about the piles of rejection letters even for works that they did sell. They of course also have to persevere and keep at it, both creating more, and constantly trying to sell the work. Of all the jobs in the world creative work is the one that might require the most passion for the work and the results. Planning might seem to be the odd one out, and may fall most into the lap of agents and publicists unless authors do that for themselves.

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