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July 30, 2012

Super Suit Blues

Sorry for missing last week's scheduled post. Something came up. Here is that post you were expecting...

I went ahead and I bought the $120 or so Super Suit bundle for Genesis. It was a hard decision and I'm still not entirely sure of it a few weeks later. There are some great things you can do with it. I do find that there are some things that I cannot do with this suit that I can with older Cat Suit sets. Let me start with the biggest stumbling block I found. You cannot use the new suit to make the classic super outfits of Superman, Batman, and Aquaman with the briefs on the outside of the suit. You are now stuck with short boxers, particularly in the back, which is odd if you colour the other frontal bits differently. It's just weird. This also means you cannot use the suit to make leotards. A sad day, given the leg warmers options.

Likewise, the neck and upper chest of the suit is limited. There is no U, V, or low-V neck. Also, to make the neck part of the mask complete you need strips down the length of the neck as well. Admittedly all of the old suits had something missing on each side of the head for a Lone Ranger or tied around the head eye mask look so there is no real change there.

There are a couple of processes I haven't quite figured out yet for using the suit either. There are a lot of lines and small line sections set out as separate surfaces. This is an awesome thing when using some of the presets. There are a few odd shapes here and there though such as weird lightning bolt-like, but curved, sections on the legs. Trying to grab whole sections of these lines seem counterintuitive to me and so far I have had to go in close and grab them all one by one. This all is important when trying to make your own designs. All of these lines are broken down into sections that I didn't find worked well together when moving around the body. When you grab sections of the suit to change the surfaces you have to grab these lines as well, or not as your design will dictate.

I could certainly use some method to select all sections Set to a particular colour such as all parts with the Diffuse set to black. I made a suit where the body was red, using one of the fancy Material presets, with other parts in black. The Material preset was applied to the entire suit and I had to remove some of the textures and bumps settings off of the black sections. Adding that preset also added a lot of new dials and settings to the surfaces for the suit. It might be nice if I could apply those dials without the addition of maps so as to enhance those parts, since I will likely have to get around and make my own maps at some point to overcome the lack of certain styles being unavailable--like the aforementioned Superman briefs and leotard bottoms. I'll have more on the suit next time.

Music: Broken by Bruce Dickinson.

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