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dividing line of blood

August 25, 2009

3) Hypnagogia via Wikipedia
also Hypnopompic via Wikipedia
  • Hypnagogia generally refers to the time falling asleep and hypnopompia as waking from sleep. Beyond that though, and of interest, it is about the ability of dreaming during these times, not just dreaming but doing it with an awareness of the waking world. In other words, dreaming with your eyes open. Hypnagogia involves full on visual and auditory, for lack of a better term, hallucinations, because the brain is dreaming. It can be a debunkers reasoning for the dismissal of visions, shadow people, and even alien abductions. Throw in some sleep paralysis and hypnopompia is the explanation of Old Hag syndrome. Two interesting facets of the hypnagogia article are the neuroscience of sleep, and the connection between the hypnagogic state and the inspiration of inventors, authors and song writers.
  • Tags: aliens, authors, brain, debunk, hypnagogia, inspiration, neuroscience, Old Hag, shadow people.

  • 2) Pareidolia via Wikipedia
    also Apophenia via Wikipedia
    • Pareidolia is a visual or auditory form of Apophenia, that ties in with some of the theories of encounters with Shadow People. In and of itself it is good fodder for a number of ideas. It's very primitive, and instinctual, part of the process that the brain requires to detect threats. The interaction between that guttural draw of attention and the psychological predilection to believe it over other harder evidence could play into several conflicts of the three (argumentaively four) types. Apophenia would seem to be essentially a false sense of synchronicity beyond the essential base description of seeing patterns where there are none.
  • Tags: brain, conflict (plot), evidence, instinct, pattern recognition, psychology, shadow people.

  • 1) Shadow People
    also Shadow People including spooky photos
    also Shadow people via Wikipedia
    • The first article contains some interesting bits that are not seen elsewhere. First a qualifier/caveat, this article also mixes things together by not properly separating theories. People have made connection between these shadowy figures and thought forms/egregore/tulpas. A particularly interesting theory includes alien thought forms. The best part, and its very brief but very evocative, is that some of these entities may be drawn to ghosts. Note also a bit about shadow people acting as harbingers/warnings in a way they tie to Mothman. The Wikipedia article in the "Scientific explanations" section contains a look at drugs and chemicals that induce hallucinations. There it also gets into Hypnagogia. {Ref#5 - Others}
  • Tags: aliens, entities, history, Mothman Prophesies, paranormal, shadow people, theories, thought forms.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
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