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dividing line of blood

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June 7, 2011

Ed Gein: The Inspiration for Buffalo Bill and Psycho
  • I'm going to spoiler this a bit just to tell you in advance that while he was the inspiration, Gein killed only potentially three people. Most movies that speak of Gein insist on portraying him as killing a lot of people to sensationalise what is already a sensational tale of the true macabre. Just for note, this is all inspirational in the sense of being good fodder for fiction of all sick sorts. I do not, and hope others do not, have anything but disdain or perhaps mild passing pity for true killers like this no matter how much we enjoy creating and enjoying our horror genre works. P.S. Ed Gein's story added some inspiration to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well.
  • Tags: Buffalo Bill, creepy, Ed Gein, grave robbing, horror, inspiration, murder, necrophilia, Psycho (1960) (movie), serial killer, Silence of the Lambs (1991) (movie), Texas Chain Saw Massacre, true story.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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