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dividing line of blood

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March 22, 2011

also Swarm Theory
  • This is a video and separate article speaking of a super-organism and a fine example of hive mind. This seems kind of scienc-ey, but that is the root of many a good horror idea even when it is not obviously so. The idea that many individuals work as a single organism of like mind and in perfect harmony is both creepy and awe inspiring, and doesn't take much of a push to be much more horrific without losing that beauty or awe. The article also brings this kind of horror into the technological realm--from our perspective anyway--as well when considering machines and software capable of this. Such horrors might include being forced into such a collective, or intelligent paranormal horrors capitalising on the benefits of such an external symbiosis, or the power a nefarious conspiracy wields using these tactics.
  • Tags: awe, conspiracy, hive mind, insects, paranormal, science, symbiosis, technology.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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